Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I should feel guilty I posted on this on my other blog... Nope guilt train already left. I should feel guilty about skipping class. I just feel shamefully good. I'm a bad, bad person. but it's FUN!!! and I'm going to go to Native American Studies sooo...
My boys are A) coming to New York B) less than 15 minutes worth of walking from my front door (If I walk really fast)...
What did I do right in my last life?
Strange normally I'm asking what did I do wrong.
Maybe it's what older sis did right.
But anyway another thanks to my big brother for letting me know about the concert E-drive is doing ( although it isn't on their Myspace page yet but that doesn't mean anything it hasn't been updated in weeks so.)
I'm so far past excited. Dad has already promised me if they do come, I can go. Mom is already planning to milk early on August 31.... Man right now I love my life. Now if we can just keep it from getting cancelled. My guys are coming to New York.. My guys are coming to New York... Yes, I know they're not "my guys" but with the hell this band has put me through I get to call them that. I LOVE their music. Eighth grade Math homework and I Should Be Sleeping, interesting mix... Don't ask ya don't wanna know.
Now I just have to pass Native American Studies....
You know this morning was horrible, I lost my wallet, had a test in psych, my little brother is getting his germs on my cell phone again, yet today is still a good day, my guys are coming to New York and not at a college I'm not going to that I have no way to go to a concert at.
Drat, now I have nothing to complain about, for a couple of days at least.

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