Thursday, April 05, 2007

Setting up fall schedule

Next fall I'm trying to take 25.5 credits. Plus, I REALLY want to take a summer course. Can't really afford it ('bout $600 more than I have budgeted for this year/semester... Maybe I'll use my refund check to pay for it? Got no way to get there. Oh, Mommy;)). But it's an Anthro course on actual digging practices. Whaaa! I want it! Never going to happen. If I weren't trying to be done by next summer I'd take it then. Anyway...
Next fall, I'm going to take:
Japanese 101, if I can get in. How hard can it be?
Chemistry 111 plus a lab, well I'll only have one science course. Next spring I'm going to have maybe three.
Intro to Iroquois- well at least this guy gives tests.
Archery- it's mandatory. Plus it was the only gym I could fit and still keep Japanese.
American Government- oh, God. I have Kowal again. At least he's funny.
History 103. I like Rivera. He's my advisor.
Anth 210- Intro to Archaeology- yes finally. This is what I want to do so WHOOHOO!
Culture, society and agriculture of Ancient Mexico. Well at least Descartes is a good teacher and it should be interesting. by the end of my two years here this guy is gonna know me really well. I've had him for Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthro, will have him for Intro to Arch and Mexico next semester as well as the 300 level course next spring...
I'm crazy.
I feel I should mention that.

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