Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Obsidian Trilogy- Mercedes Lackey/ James Mallory

This is the first time Mallory has worked with Lackey (one of my all time favs). The series starts out really well but becomes too complicated towards the end. The Elves names are just too hard to keep strait but if you like a good interesting sci-fi/fantasy this one is good. From Wild Mages, to the first Knight Mage in centuries, and the first Elven Mage since the first Dark War, these books detailing the stuggles between good and evil.

The Outstreached Shadow

To Light a Candle

When Darkness Falls

This story follows Kellen a boy training to follow his father as a High Mage of the golden city,. He really isn't very good at magic, it bores him to tears. When he finds the three books of the Wild Mage (Book of Sun, Book of Moon, Book of Stars), he begins to explore a world of magic based on prices, you cast a spell you pay a price for it (get a kitten out of the tree the key you lost is in etc). Eventually his father discovers the "evil", outlawed books his son has been using and has his son banished.

As Kellen tries to escape the Outlaw Hunt, a group of animated stone dogs set after all banished persons, he casts a spell to find a way to escape. There is no way he can travel to the boundry of his city's land by dawn. What does he get in response? A Unicorn.

All in all pretty good books. Somewhat disapointing, but good.


Jennifer said...

Mercedes Lackey is one of my favourites too. I loved the Obsidian Trilogy - I think the thing with the elves not asking questions is brilliant. :) One complaint I had was that the story was kinda slow at times, too much thinking and not enough action.

Breezey375 said...

I absolutely love Lackey. She is amazingly talented. I must admit, I skipped a good deal of the last book. The Demon girl annoyed me, for some reason.
Thanks for stopping by.