Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Green Mile Steven King- Part 1

At the local library semi annual book sale, I bought two boxes of books. In those boxes of books was another Steven King this one broken up into six parts. so far I've only read the first part.
In this part a man shows up on the Green Mile (death row) sentenced to death for raping and murdering two little girls hence the title of this part "The Two Dead Girls"
This book was made into a movie (never seen it but parents liked it so decided to read the book.)
Anyway, really good might get the second part done today. Might not, mom's making me was dishes, and after I made her scones too.


Anonymous said...

Two boxes?! I guess you won't be running out of reading material any time soon! Gotta love library booksales. =) My local one is coming up this week.

Breezey375 said...

LOL I've already gotten through most of them. (And if my mom hadn't already been done I could have gotten more easily.) They were mostly crummy romances.
I hope you find lots of good books at yours.