Monday, July 07, 2008

from breathless

1. Doctor Who has lent you the Tardis for one day-trip. You can spend one day in any time from the Big Bang to the present day. Where and when will you go?

I would go back to when Teotihuacan was the biggest and only real city in the new world and snoop around a bit

2. Keeping in mind that you’re not allowed to mess up history, what will you grab as a souvenir?

a guinea pig, they eat them in South/Central America and I really want one for a pet

3. Same situation, only this time you can go forward in time. If you could visit one date in the future, what date would you pick? Again, you're not allowed to mess with the timeline - no checking out next week's Lotto numbers!

I wouldn't go. don't want to know how bad we screw up our kids will tell us.

4. Mozart (or your own choice of ye olde composer) has, as a result of bizarre fluctuation in space-time, been transported into your lounge for the next 5 minutes. What piece of modern music will you play for him?

Emerson Drive's Lucky Man, just because I love that song

5. You have figured out how to duplicate the bizarre fluctuation the day before your birthday, but now it will only work for famous writers. Which long-dead author will you invite to your party?

Rafael Sabatini just so I could tell him how much I loved The Sea-Hawk and Captain Blood
if he was busy Jules Verne, because I loved 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Actually I'd have to flip a coin a bunch of times because I'd also love to see Jean Webster of Daddy-Long-Legs as well as Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) and Elizabeth Hamilton Friermood (Circus Sequins) oooohhh or H. Rider Haggard of King Solomon's Mines sooo many more can't I just do a mass transpo and get them all?


Anonymous said...

Good point on number 3...
My sister had a guinea pig. It was like a brick with fur, lol, but apparently they're usually more active than that.
Yep authors en masse sounds good to me!

Breezey375 said...

I already have a white rabbit so no go on the pig for a while.
Truthfully I just couldn't decide where in the future I'd like to go so I opted out.
how can you pick just one? there are so many amazing authors out there.