Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Home on the... Farm

I came home from vacation early. I didn't have any really good books with me. A copy of Tamora Pierce's Terrier, couldn't get through first ten pages. The newish Mercedes Lackey Ice something or other, read that before we left *smacks self on wrist... BAD BREEZEY* bad idea as it would have kept me busy for a little while. Also the lake was absolutely disgusting so swimming was out, I didn't buy a fishing license so fishing was out. So I came home to help my sister out. Every thing has apparently been going wrong this week so me taking care of the babies is a little bit of a help.
plus this way I get to go to the fair for a couple day, probably dairy show day and the day Lady Antebellum is playing.
Also on the why I came home early front, anyone who has read this before knows I've been waiting, impatiently but waiting just the same for Bruce Coville's Dark Whispers to come out on August 1st, thinking that was when Amazon would ship it to me. Then Mom and I went grocery shopping while we were at camp. I took my laptop as I had to sit in the car with my brother's dog. The "city" we were in had city wide WiFi.
So I checked my e-mails.
Amazon had sent me this lovely e-mail:

"Hello from

We are writing about the order you placed on March 20 2008 20:53 PDT
(Order# xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx). The item(s) listed below will actually
ship sooner than we originally expected:

Bruce Coville (Author) "Dark Whispers (Unicorn Chronicles)"
Estimated arrival date: 07/22/2008"

Whoohooo!!! It shipped the 14th and as of 2 pm yesterday (the tracking hasn't been updated yet) it had reached Springfield Massachusetts. And with the amount of junk I buy from Amazon I know just how long it should take to get here. At the very latest I'll have it by Monday.
If I had a tail it would so be wagging. As it is I have these wonderful anticipatory shivers every time I think about it. Plus next week my new Christine Feehan should ship. Sooooooo happy is Breezey...

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