Monday, July 21, 2008

'nother one

1. Song that always makes you sad?
"Stay" some guy on myspace 'bout a dog...

2. Last thing you bought?
Dark Whispers- Bruce Coville

3. Last person you argued with?
my sister I think

4. Do you put jelly before putting the peanut butter on?
umm nope pb first

5. One of your stuffed animals’ names as a kid?
ummm Lovey, she was a doll (still is) but she's the only one I remember

6. Did you ever own at one time a Barenaked Ladies Cd?
not that I know of

7. Favorite day of the week?
Sunday or a day w/ a new book in it...

8. Favorite Sundae topping?

9. Did you take Piano lessons?

10. Most frequent song played?
Back of the Bottom Drawer- Chely Wright

11. TV show you secretly enjoy?
um Dog the Bounty Hunter, aside from the racist comments (which since it was a private conversation I'm assuming he didn't know was being recorded we can't judge unless you wanted to air your dirty undies too)

12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?
ice or field? field, watch ice 'cause can't skate too good

13. Date someone older or younger?
lol older

14. One place you could travel right now?
is imaginary okay? then Luster

15. Do you use umbrellas?
not really I wear a hoodie and an Emerson Drive ballcap

16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?
ha I don't know the American anthem all the way through so not a chance

17. Favorite Cheese?

18. The Smith’s or the Cure?

19. Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?
hmmm dark hair dark eyes tall and masculine lol

20. Best job you ever had?
being a kid

21. Did you go to your high school prom?
nope hit the Sr Semi Formal Ball the next yr though

22. Perfect time to wake up?
when the new book comes in the mail.

23. Perfect time to go to bed?
when I'm sleepy

24. Do you use your queen right away in chess?
nope second pawn in on the left

25. Ever been in a car accident?
hitting a deer count

26. closer to mom or dad…or neither?
my mom

27. What age is this exciting life over for you?
lol when I graduate college

28. What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?
hmm i'm good with having been a teenager when I was thabks but otherwise the '60's tons of rocking music man.

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned?
Red stappy wedges

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school?
lots of my stuff is from hs only been two years

31. Were you in track and field?
I run as fast as a dead walrus so no.

32. Were you ever in a school talent show?
um one for chorus it ended badly

33. Have you ever written in a library book?
um dunnu probably

34. Allergic to?
something in watermelon flavored bubble gum and Hawaiian Punch

35. Favorite fruit?
dried cranberries

36. Have you watched sex and the city?
at about 3:30 am when nothing else was on

37. Baseball hat or toque?
basebball cap

38. Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?

39. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?
wet toothbrush

40. Pen or pencil?

41. Have you ever gambled at a casino?

42. Have you thrown up on a plane?
never been on a plane

43. Have you thrown up in a car?

44. Have you thrown up at work?
umm yes

45. Do you scream on roller coasters?
never been on roller coaster

46. Who was your first prom date?
didn't have a date for prom or sr ball

47. Who was your first roommate?
umm my family?

48. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time?
never been "drunk"

49. First job?
working w/ animals

50. What was your first car?
a hotwheels

51. When did you go to your first funeral?
my grandpa's in'99 I think

52. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?
still live in hometown just a different house

53. Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Deitrick

54. Where did you go on your first airplane ride?
lol see above

55. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
never snuck out

56. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them?
Kyle D. Not so much still know where he is but seldom talk to him

57. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent’s house?
still live w/ parents

58. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

59. Whose wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen?
never been in one thank the Lord, scary dresses

60. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
roll over try to go back to sleep

61. What was the first concert you attended?
I think the Statler Brothers or the Sun Mountain Fiddler

62. First tattoo or piercing?
eventually will get ears dome possibly a tattoo of a red eyed green tree frog climbing my ankle but... not yet

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