Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes. My favorite holiday. (Come on free chocolate??)

Bruce Coville's Ghost in the Third row. We have an signed copy. To someone else but still Coville touched it!!!

This is the first story about Nine Tanleven (no idea if that's spelled right).
It's followed by The Ghost Wore Gray and The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed. All of which are very very good.

Nine can see ghosts. And she can kinda sorta communicate with them and they all want something.

The ghost in this book is an actress killed in an accident on the stage of the theater that Nine and her friends are putting on a summer production in. But was it really an accident?

Or was it murder?

Ghost Ship. for my older sister Liz who loves it.
It's about marine peoples and a demon who is gathering up souls for a trip to the underworld. And the marine persons will make up the last 6, I think.
But they're a little smarter than the average deck hand and kind of sorta the girl figures out what's going on.
There is a little girl ghost in it that is really sad.

And now Halloween-esq music

Also post 150!!!!!


Paintsmh said...

Ahhh I do love that movie...I think I need to watch it today...And Poseidon Adventure!

Rebecca said...

Ghaa!! I hate the Poseidon Adventure! You enjoy.