Friday, November 21, 2008

Ahh friends

My bestest best friend is planning a wedding. Originally, I assumed that when she asked me to be a bridesmaid that was to be the extent of my involvement. Although I did offer to help her plan, but if you know my organizational skills you know that's probably not the worlds greatest plan.
So sometime in the past week (time is also not my strong point) I was chatting with her online. (Facebook rocks!) She asked me to be her maid of honor! Cool huh?
So I'm way past excited. You see neither she nor her fiancee wanted to have a bachelor or a bachelorette party. So they decided to have just a coed party instead. That's where I come in. Who better to plan such a thing then a wild, crazy buddy? Whoohoo! Of course I fully intend to press gang the best man into helping. I just haven't met him yet.
I did finally meet Chantele's younger sister though. Sweet kid.

My other friend, Kristen made me the cutest thing over the past weekend and gave it to me on Monday. She based it on my FluffFriend on Facebook. What she didn't know was that my invisible friend as a child was also a fox. (I now have an invisible cousin George, everything is his fault and he's great for saving seats. Tell someone they can't sit somewhere 'cause your invisible cousin is there. Fun.)

Another friend Sana (pronounced SAW-na) is taking a whole bunch of us out to lunch on Tuesday. Originally supposed to go Monday but evil professors and work schedules axed that plan.

The crazy thing? I've made more friends in the last two weeks than in my entire life! I have a whole group now. And somehow, my crazy self fits right in and I feel like I've known them forever!

They're great. Well except for our resident Bokor (dark voodoo priest). His name is Sean and he's from the Dominican Republic, I think. Voodoo is apparently more the other side of the island but he's more than willing to be called "Bokor" so of course I call him that. He's great fun. Crazy, kinda scary but fun.

I have the coolest friends!


Holly said...

Haha this blog post is awesome! Yay for being someone's Maid of Honour, and for party planning. A tip for making the Best Man help you: A giant stick with which to poke him. Either that or food. :D

Aww the fox is so cute! My Facebook friend is a dragon called Archibald. :P

LMAO at having a dark voodoo priest for a friend! :O

Breezey375 said...

Thanks I wanted to brag about how wonderful my friends are!

Yeah I'm really looking forward to it! I thought I'd just use the "don't let your best friend down" but both the stick and the food are good ideas!

Kristen is really talented isn't she? I originally had a squirrel but bought a golden foxee key in the limited edition shop.

Yep our Bokor is pretty cool!

midnightsnowblossom said...

I think the easiest way is to say either the bride and groom said so, or to say there will be alcohol present and i'm sure zack would be more than willing to help. Besides what better person to be maid of honor than my best friend from highschool.

Love the stuffed animal. And invisible cousins are they best cause (just don't try to use that on me).

Kodos on making some new friends

Anonymous said...

Yay friends =)
A coed party sounds really fun - I guess you'll be kept busy for a while!
Lol @ invisible George! I just might have to use that.

Holly said...

Jenny: HAH! Won't work on MEEE! :P

Breezey375 said...

Chan- that'll work on him huh? Good!
Yeah. I'm a terrific choice!
It's pretty great having friends, but I still miss getting to see you.
Also, weren't you there when George was born.

Jennifer- I love the party idea! Chan is a brilliant person! Feel free to use George...