Thursday, December 18, 2008


Help!!! The fall semester is over here. Whaaa!!! Although never having to see my English prof is a very good thing... I'm also not going to see my beloved anthro prof again either, I can deal with that. But I am going to miss having class with DesCartes. He's so cool. He wears these tweed jackets and is always (even though none of the rooms in the building his classes are in have chalk boards any more) covered in chalk dust and has that great monotone old dude professor voice. He has however offered to help me with anything I need as far as getting into a school where Anthro is an actual major.

I will hopefully have some good classes next year. ASL (American Sign Language) lanuage #5. #6&#7 will be self taught (Italian and German). Then just three more for the ren I want to speak. I think I'll be getting myself a Gaelic CD to learn that. Then I want Greek and maybe Hebrew or some Asian language. Perhaps Japanese. Not read, just speak.

Other than that biology and a lab. A couple english courses and a statistics course. ghaaa!!! More math whaa!


Holly said...

Lolt hat lecturer sounds awesome. I wonder why he's always covered in chalk dust, even though he never goes near a blackboard!? o.O

Ugh. Maths. I'm so glad I never have to do that at university!

Breezey375 said...

I have no idea. I think he must be a chalk magnet or something. He's amazing.

Yeah not fond of them myself, I can't add or subtract!