Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another random myspace survey

If you could afford designer brands like Chanel, would you buy them?
no I'd be too busy buying books to worry about anything else

Why do some girls become completely dependent of their significant other?
no idea they're really insecure?

Do you enjoy going to church?
I love it but never go because my church is so far from home I'm hoping that if I get into Potsdam there's a decent church within walking distance of campus, but not counting on it

How many people do you know with two different colored eyes?
I know people whose eyes change color

Did you lose your virginity to someone you were in love with?
umm N/A

Are most adults you know married or divorced?
married actually at least the ones I know well enough to car although for more than half it's a second/third marriage but they seem to for the most part be doing okay

When was the last time you took a shower with someone else?
eeeeew never

What's the scariest thing to happen to you?
a moth

also riding in the car with my brother

Do you turn your phone off when you go to sleep?
my phone is normally downstairs so that if someone needs to go somewhere they can take it right now (Sunday at 1:50 PM) my little brother has it with him he's ice fishing

Have you ever been to a party like one on those "My Super Sweet 16"?
no way

Do your parents ever complain about you staying up so late?
not really they know i'm like my grandma peggy and can't sleep very much so they deal with it they did when we lived in the other house and on the off chance i keep lizzy up they'll tell me to keep it down next time but for the most part no they don't bother me about ti
mostly about my tv being on though

Have you ever had surgery that involved staples?
never had surgery knock on wood

Have any of your friends gone to jail?
i think so at least definately should have for a very long time ie life

Do you remember that movie "Tower of Terror"?
yes i loved it steve gutenburg from police academy and ghosts and a sweet little murderous old lady and a cursed hotel loved it

Do you prefer cold or hot coffee?
luke warm with hot chocolate mix mixed in so it tastes a little better.

Where do you buy most of your clothes?

What do you think about life after death?
it's there welcome it

What do you think about Karma?
it's a bigger bitch than I'll ever need to be

What do you think about love?
it's like a plant if oyu don't take care of it and work for it it'll die and if you don't have to work at it something isn't quite right

What do you think about fate?
that I don't know I guess anything is possible

What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
not muh normally I get a nice cheap happy romance novel and read

What do you think about the first person that loved you?
love my mommy and she and her mommy have rocking taste in books

Do you cry easily?
only when I'm pissed otherwise I make myself cry over books 'cause I think it keeps you a little bit better balanced

Name something that has touched you?
uuum? The Emerson Drive Touch Football tank I'm wearing?

What would life be like without friends for you?
I've done it before I don't want to do it again but I could

Without family?
I'd die

Without you?
hopefully full of drugs otherwise if we're going for me never existing then no one would notice and I think they would be just as happy/unhappy as they are now I really have never changed anyone's life

Are you deep?
nope shallow as spit thank you very much and I like it this way

Do you think love is once in a lifetime or just a chance?
just a chance. Because otherwise how could you ever be sure? And if it wa a once in a lifetime kind of thing it wouldn't be owrth it because the studpidest mistakes would ruin once in a lifetime love do I believe someone can hurt you and make it so you never feel an all consuming love til death again? sure

What do you think of reincarnation?
I think it's out there and if not I hope God will forgive mt belief in it

Should religion be taught in schools?
in Catholic schools sure otherwise I think parents have the right to not have their children taught something they don't believe in but if a kid wants to say Grace before lunch they should be allowed to it doesn't hurt anyone

What's your view on interracial relationships?

Love knows no age or skin color. If you have a problem with that that's too bad for you isn't it?

Should teenagers have long lasting, meaningful, romantic relationships?
I'm not qualified to answer that one because I'm not a teenager anymore and never had a relationship while I was one

Is there anything morally wrong with the society we live in?
don't get me started

Will there ever be world peace?
not as long as one religion says it's okay to do anything to get people to convert and not as long as we have psychotic people who hate everyone of a particular skin color or region of the world also it's just not in human nature to get along with everybody

Is music and important part of you life?
yes it is I finally found a song that calms me down when I'm really angry which is probably why it's used by Wiccans for meditation

Do you have emotional issues carried over from childhood?
yes I think most people do and I doubt I'm ever not going to feel inferior to my siblings

By whom were you raised?
my mommy and daddy and my paternal grandparents and sort of by my maternal grandparents although I didn't and still don't get to see them very much and my grandma Alice's blog is really starting to interest me in geneology I may have to aprentice with her on it!

The current person you have feelings for, how long have you been interested in them?
there isn't one sorry I'm so boring

Do you remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
uuuh? is platonic kissing a family memeber on the cheek counted then no 'cause my mom was the last person I kissed otherwise the last time I kissed someone I was in kindergarten and a guy held me down on the playground

Are you afraid of needles?

When was the last time you saw the first person on your top?
mommy is #1 on myspace and I can see her now

What about the second?
Liz just got up from taking a much needed and well deserved Sunday nap

When was the last time you held hands with someone?
I'm not even sure I remember!

Are there any bruises on your body?
yep I milk cows and they're big and they kick there's almost always one!

Have you ever made out with someone who was high?

When was the last time you went to the mall?
a very long time

Do you know anyone who has been arrested?

Has anyone told you that they've missed you lately?
no, one of my college buddies said she couldn't wait to see me and hit the little used bookstore near campus together but that's not really missing


Holly said...

Hahah I like your answer to the first question! I think I'd be the same, only replace "books" with "various other things" :)

Breezey375 said...

LOL yeah! I don't get designer stuff, it makes no sense to me. I probably wouldn't just buy books....

Anonymous said...

I llove such kind of article

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!