Friday, January 30, 2009

Brisingr- Chris Paolini

My older brother gave me this for Christmas (we got together with him on Sunday to celebrate).
I started reading it immediately.
It was really good. But I'm upset with myself, it took me three days to read it! That's extraordinarily slow for me!
I will admit it was a little bit information rich.
I think my favorite part was Brisingr Eragon's new sword. The way he works on it and all that. I loved the imagery in that part.
Roran, his cousin, has gone from being annoying and pointless to being an intense important character. The romance or whatever between Arya and Eragon has also become a little interesting. Which is good because it originally drove me nuts and I hated it. The ending was kind of sad but I must admit I wish there was going to be more than four books.


Beth F said...

I haven't gotten to this one yet. Good to see that the characters are evolving.

Breezey375 said...

It's amazingly good. I didn't like the second one. But one and three were great.