Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Goddess Chant

My friend Kristin made me a CD a looong time ago. I only listened to the first four songs. Sorry Kristin. I likes #s 1,3,4 Let The Bodies Hit the Floor, Marilyn Manson's This is Halloween (she downloaded it because I said I loved it and she wanted to hear it...) and Godsmack's Voodoo.

Today I racharged my iPod and was listening to it while we milked the cows. I kept skipping th "Unknown Artist #X"

Then I got lazy and stopped skipping stuff. This is what I heard and I loved it. Pagan Goddess Chant. Think I'm doomed to Hell because I liked it? I don't but I just wondered...

lyrics best I can figure:







I think this best fits with modern Wicca. It's on some Goddess stuff websites. But really I don't know. Any ideas?

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