Thursday, January 22, 2009

Schedules and other foul ups on campus

Classes start next Monday. So far we haven't gotten hard copies of our schedules. Apparently SUNY Cobleskill has decided that despite the fact that tuition is over $9000 a semester it is too expensive and not ecologically friendly to send out schedules this year. Alan found this out from a girl he knows on campus. She found out from her advisor.

Now I realize this is a little strange but I really rely on my schedule. I check it obsessively because I hate being late for classes. I also hate being early. I have horrible OCD so my schedule is a nice comfort thing for me.

Stamps are what? 40 some odd cents? And there's around 2,500 students on campus total. Most of us use the schedule all semester. That's not all that much money and the impact on the environment is far less than than that of the cigarette butts left all over campus every year. I mean those poor sea gulls.

I am currently on the campus website trying to get a list of my classes and what time and where they are. I am really not happy I mean this is the campus that has no heat most of the winter in at least three buildings and doesn't turn the heat to more than like 50 degrees F in any of the others why? We is a-tryin' ta be all sustainable. Never mind the fact that the doors are opened every hour so all the heat escapes and the only way you can possibly stay warm is to keep your jacket, hat and gloves on.

I really hate college. And I'm really tempted to just stop after this semester!

*update: I have my schedule. Whoohooo!!!!


Paintsmh said...

You do realize that, should you stop now, you have an exceptionally useless degree right?

Breezey375 said...

Yeah. But even if I do go on, I'll still have a pointless degree. Without a Doctorate in Archaeology you're nothing.

Holly said...

Ergh. I would have been pissed too, but at least you have it now and won't be late/early/in the wrong place. :)

As for quitting, nooo, that is a bad idea! I definitely think you should continue now that you've started and are close to finishing, right?

Breezey375 said...

Yeah after this semester I have a two year degree.
I just didn't get it, what about people like me who don't have a printer? What were we supposed to do?
I get the whole take care of the environment thing but how is making people miserable going to help that?

Holly said...

Exactly. Surely there are ways your uni can be environmentally friendly without disadvantaging all the students in the process!?

Breezey375 said...

Oh but see that's just it the more they annoy us the happier they are! And the environmental thing just keeps snow balling. I mean yes it's important but really they're shortening the semester next year to save money and to "lessen their carbon footprint". Makes me laugh.