Friday, January 16, 2009

Supernatural back from winter hiatus

One of my all time favorite TV shows came back last night at 9. Bones was supposed to come back at 8 but was preempted for the Presidential Farewell. Kind of sad to see Bush go, but we'll see how good/bad Obama ends up being.
But anyway.
Supernatural was really good.
It was the scariest one yet. Bar none. Even the one where Dean was sent to Hell wasn't as bad, even though the sweet old guy was killed.
This one involved inbred twins raised underneath a house living on rats etc. It was really gross. They killed the cool uncle and the beautiful dog (they ate the dog.... eeew!!!!).
It was gross, but both creepys died. And all was good in the end.
I'm going to miss next weeks because Bones is going to play two new episodes next week and Supernatural will rerun over the summer and Bones may or may not run on TNT.

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