Friday, February 06, 2009

Dad and I went shopping today

I had planned since we hit Wal Mart while we were out to see if I could buy books two and three in the Percy and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. Very good books by the way I already bought and read book one but that's for a different post.

Why did Dad and I go shopping? Me? Gave me a good reason to cut class (first one of the new semester) and I, as I said wanted books. Dad went because the water pump that works between the wood stove and the inside of the house died this morning (well it stank of burning plastic anyway) so we needed to buy a new one.

So we went to Lowe's first. I could spend days walking around in there. I love looking at the faucet fixtures, sinks and all that stuff. My favorite is the lighting fixtures though. So pretty. But of course I didn't want to get too far from Dad in case he got all the stuff he needed and was ready to leave and couldn't find me....

Anyway as we were heading home, I watched this one stretch of road for deer. I always do it was a game Mom and Dad played with us when we were little to keep us quite. I still never see any.
Dad of course spotted a lot of them.

I didn't.

Then I saw some farther down than I've ever seen them standing on a tiny ledge leaning up as faaaar as they could to eat a little frozen grass.

Dad immediately asked me "WHY don't you have your camera with you?"
"I do."
"Want me to turn around so you can get some pictures?"
"By the time we get back they'll have moved."
"You can still get some pictures."

So my Dad turned around and let me get some pictures. The last one wasn't very good because he had started driving again because I didn't see it immediately. Unfortunately they had moved... But they still looked really pretty.

They're the same three deer I just couldn't tell which picture was best so I put them all up.
click the pics to enlarge mom says they look better that way


Dani said...

Deer are so cute!! Makes me wish we didn't live in the city.

Breezey375 said...

They're beautiful... Until one jumps out in the road right in front of you...

Anonymous said...

Aww they are cute. I wish we had more deer here, they're way prettier than sheep!

Holly said...

^^ What she said!
Jenny I should post the photo of that deer trying to get into your bag in Japan! :P

Anonymous said...

enlarging the later photos, show up the red color very well....must be crossed with a red

Breezey375 said...

Jennifer- Trust me you don't want more deer, it makes you more likely to hit one with a car.

Holly- I'd love to see that!

Anon- I didn't even notice the color 'til Mom pointed it out to me.