Friday, May 08, 2009


I'm pretty well through the transfer process.

I've done the online orientation.

I signed up for a housing assignment (I find out if I got my 1st choice on Aug. 1, please remind be to check).

I completed the meal plan sign up I went for 14 meals a week. And a little in Flex so I can eat other places than the dinning hall. I didn't want the flex but I can take it off later.

I need to get some health records filled in. Heaven forbid they let me have Coby send them a copy of the first set. (guess what nothing on them changed in 3 years).

Then I have to call the Transfer office to find out if I can set up my classes online, becuase I can't get to campus in the next month to meet with an advisor.


Paintsmh said...

And I finally got my diploma. The world is a happy place!...At least for the next 60 seconds...

Scott said...

Congratulations on the diploma!!!

Cousin Scott.