Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am sitting on the bed in my dorm room my back against a beaten up pillow inside a red 300 thread count case against the ugly beige wall, talking to my sister on AIM and Facebook.

One of the things I said to Lizzy (my sister), as a joke, was that she was both cute and adorable. She asked me to be sure to spread the word. So my Facebook status is FYI my sister is both cute and adorable she asked me to spread the word lol. I, of course, asked her to spread the word that I am both evil and bitchy.

And it got me thinking, about the differences between my sister and me.

Lizzy is two years older than me. If I had to say who my absolute best friend, whom I would trust with everything is, it would be her. Not that I don't love Kristin and Chantele, but it's different with them they're the day dream friends. The ones I help plan weddings or talk about this guy or that. Liz is so special.

She is smart. Carried a 4.0 for a long time. Made Dean's List every semester. I do some things well. But I can't add or subtract. I currently carry a 2.09. I made Dean's List once. Then went on to do something Liz couldn't even contemplate, I failed a class.

Liz is popular nearly every where she goes. She has friends all across the country. I have two people I truly call friends.

Liz is, for the most part, incredibly sweet. She like everyone has moments when she is unreasonable. She gets tired and cranky and if you add sick to that you'd best run. But her temper is fairly short lived. I have the proverbial Irish temper. I am violent when angry.

Liz has unfailing faith in herself and her capabilities, or at least her insecurities are unnoticeable. I am so shy I have issues buying things in stores. I panic at the thought of the discussion on the development of agriculture in the early west I have to lead on Tuesday. Liz is involved in any number of things that require speaking.

Liz gets involved in committees. She does a good part of our county Farm Bureau news letter. I avoid involvement in every thing as much as possible.

Liz is a beautiful person. She looks as at home in her formal gown as she does in jeans, a t-shirt and work boots. I've never looked anything more than almost passable.

Every time someone asks us if we're twins, I think, if only you knew. One of my closest friends has a twin sister, they're more alike than Liz and I could ever be. Liz and I are the quinessential good twin and the evil twin.

Liz loves only country music. I have a passion for Marilyn Manson music. Liz likes her westerns and her bull riding and picking apart forensic shows. I like my Sci-Fi and my murder shows. Heck I just like TV.

Liz could tell you the pedigree of damned near every cow in the barn. I can tell you that that one has a spot that looks like a dragon flying. Or that that one licks me every time I milk her.

Liz went back. I'm leaving.

The longest Liz left home for was a week. I'll be leaving forever probably when I finish my degree.

Liz majored in Ag. I'm liberal arts.

Good "twin". Bad "twin".

I wouldn't have it any other way. She's my best friend.

Opposites attract.

Love ya Giz.


Dani said...

Sweetie, hold tight to your sister and cherish the closeness. It's truely a wonderful gift to get along with ones siblings.

threecollie said...

No bad twin about it. You are different and should be, but both wonderful in your own ways. I miss you especially this morning for some reason.....and did you know that Lemmie broke the end of my nose last night?

Paintsmh said...

You're a good person. We are just WAY past slightly different...Which is probably good. Particularly given you never liked living in my "shadow" and I definitely don't know anyone but you up there!

Breezey375 said...

Dani- she really is my best friend. I love her to bits. No worries on letting her go

Mom- I can't be the bad twin? AAAWWW!!! Nuts! I wanted it so badly!!

Paintsmh- no no not good person! Way past barely covers it.
Your shadow is not a fun place to be!!! lol