Friday, June 10, 2011

Lack of posting

I know I promised when I got a new computer I would post more. And I have read a lot of really great books over the last two years.

The only problem is I'm super busy working two jobs. And guess what two jobs everyday is guaranteed to make you too tired to think about doing a blog post on anything except maybe the chemical make up of the backs of your eye lids!

I'll try to get some posts up. I also keep meaning to take down some of my older posts and rewrite them.. Like my first twenty or so before I got the hang of doing a book "review"..

Also for those of you who live in Upstate NY there's an 18th century market fair at Johnson Hall this Saturday and Sunday! If I can find a ride, I'll do a post on Monday but it's not looking positive on that front. Sadly.

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