Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Alta: Mercedes Lackey

Okay, this is going to give away the ending of Joust so.....
This starts right where Joust left off, with Vetch, now Kiron, on the run towards his home country of Alta.
When he gets to Alta he is given advice by one of the nomadic people who has helped him cross a dangerous desert: pretend to be highborn (noble), they'll listen better. So he does and after saving the daughter of a prosperous man. He teaches the Altan jousters what he has learned about caring for and raising dragons from the Tians. Long story needless to say although this is a good book Lackey needs to leave any and all forms of romance out of her books she doesn't write it all that well . In the end the romances take away from what she really is good at, animals and depicting complicated societies. Still all in all it's a good book.

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