Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eragon/ Eldest

I know, I know. 'Not another book about dragons.'
Sorry, I happen to enjoy the millions of different ways dragons are portrayed in literature. I also like vampires and werewolves, we'll get to them late I promise.
And yes, I've read the book and no I haven't seen the movie.
This book starts in a small farming community, where a young boy, who for some reason reminds me of my baby brother, is hunting a deer. There's a prologue but it isn't important yet. He doesn't get the deer but he does find a strange blue rock (dragon egg).
It goes from him trying to sell the egg to protecting his baby dragon Saphira.
Large war people die. So on and so forth. Hey it's Sci-Fi/Fantasy people, what did you expect?
Kid falls for chick snooze. Yeah I'm bashing romance again. I really don't have anything against it. Just as long as you keep it away from my dragons, vampires and werewolves. There's a genre for that, too, people. It shockingly is called "Romance"!!
But any way for a kid who was 15 when he wrote this the kid did a damn fine job. The sequel on the other hand sucked so bad I had a hard time finishing it. I mean once you got into it it was fine but the start drug on and on and on.
Then the one character I really liked from the first book ends up evil.
And Eragon's cousin who annoyed me with his whole "all i wanna do is get married and raise fat babies with What-was-her-name" comes back tearful reunion, etc. etc. I hate books like this.
An ending like Eldest (the sequel) has is similar to for those of us who liked him, to Rowling having Snape, whom I also liked, kill Dumbledore. And no I am not an antisocial freak. Well, okay I am a freak but I can't help my genetic codes. For some reason the people an the very edge of evil tend to be the ones I like. Does that make me weird? Most probably, but come on how could you not like Snape? Okay okay that's for a later post/debate. Provided anyone ever reads this blog. Somehow I doubt that will happen.
One question, if you blog and no one reads it, are you talking to yourself?
And is that similar to if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does it make a noise?
Hey cool I think I just became a philosopher, the things existentialism in French class can do to and for you.

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