Thursday, February 01, 2007

Take A Thief: Mercedes Lackey

Yeah, another Lackey book. Shockingly, I have only good things to say about this one.
It's about a young boy, Skif who is basically an indentured servant to his uncle. His uncle is one of those people that nobody in their right mind would ever have anything to do with.
It's set in her intricate world of Vlademar, which is very similar to mid evil Europe. Well, except for the fact that it's ruled by a woman.
The "Knights" in this series, that's the best word for the bunch of books, are called Herolds and have these mind speaking horses, companions.
Anyway, Skif runs and joins and band of thieves. Eventually, his new family of thieves is burned out and he is saved by the Herold Alberich (Exile's Honor). Although at the time he's in a disguise gathering information on a slavery ring.
Eventually Skif is chosen by a companion. Yeah, that makes him, a professional thief, a Herold.
I'm a little biased about this book because it's the first book in this genre that I read. And that was about five years ago. Any way it's really good.
Plus it's set in a complex society that you can still easily understand.
I recommend this book to anyone. Yes, anyone. It's that good.

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