Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Technically this is a short story but I like it so...
We read this Senior year in high school. For Folk, Fairy, and Fantasy. It's on my book barbecue list simply because, yes I said I liked it, but I think I would get in trouble for burning a teacher even in effigy.
Mr. Treglia was our student teacher. He was the kind of guy who was sweet but stupid. First, I'm a nice person so when he asked for volunteers to read out loud I offered. Okay so it was only because I was sick of people butchering words that apparently only I had ever come into contact with.
Then he asked me to define cobbler, which is a shoe maker. He tried to tell me I was wrong that it was the person who put down cobble stone streets (where did he go to school?). He went from telling me to think about peach cobbler, which by the way confused me, what did a shoe maker have to do with peach cobbler? Then he tells me his definition. I didn't argue with him. Our teacher was looking rather shocked and when I looked at her she just rolled her eyes I think she was as shocked as I was. Plus the entire class of about 30 was laughing at him. I may not have been voted Class Bookworm, but I certainly knew what I was talking about. And the rest of the class knew it, too. For God's sake I was the source they used for books that were quick and easy to read whenever we had been assigned a book report for years. Not that quick for me was necessarily quick for them but..
And I was also the one who routinely looked up words in the dictionary if she didn't understand them. Both in French and in English, depending on the class. The only reason I never looked up words in Spanish was because Spanish is very similar to French and I could pretty well figure things out. Plus all the people in my grade who had taken Spanish before were happy to finally be able to help me with homework rather than having me help them with history. Yeah I was one of those odd kids that seems to know every thing and you hate because she never opened the book but her history grade is a 90.
Any way after class was over, I'm still confused as to how this guy managed to get through college, and one of the girls in my class, that I didn't get along with came up and asked me if I was the one that was right. Of course I was, Mom looked it up later so she could post on it on her blog.
Then when we had the quiz on the darned thing he had the nerve to take off points because I put down a big monkey to answer the question on who was the murderer. Yes I gave it away but come on who didn't have to read that for school at some point.
Then because it took him a month to get through that,in stead of us reading it on our own it all had to be read aloud during class, we didn't get to read the Hobbit. Well we read a chapter in the beginning, middle and the end. We watched an animated movie instead. For god's sake we're Seniors in high school and we can't read The Hobbit? How much easier can a book get? Not that I hadn't already read it, but it would have been nice to get credit for it. Rather than getting tested on a movie, I didn't watch (I reread the Hobbit instead).
Man, did I hate that guy.
Um yeah, book was good but just because it makes me think of that idiot, I'm so going to barbecue it.
The only reason i posted on this was sitting in the lounge yesterday waiting for one of my classes to start some one was reading it and it made me remember Sr. English... Good times. Good times.


threecollie said...

You crack me up....really you do.
I DID look up cobbler, but let's be clear here. I knew what it meant (as does everyone who has ever read a fairy tale or heard one at their mama's knee). I just needed a dictionary link to prove my point.
I sure do hope that somewhere, somehow, Mr. Treglia learns not to argue with a high school student until he is sure he knows the right answer. Very funny post

Breezey375 said...

Well he DID go back to Florida. I kinda feel sorry for them... Wait no I don't they're welcome to him.