Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break

It's kind of sad, normally with a week off from school, I would get plenty of books read... Not this time.

Although, I have got two of the books from the League on inter library loan. One is just from a painting on M's wall, Sabatini's Sea Hawk, which has been in a library storage thing since about 30 years ago, according to the little card in the back, and Verne's sequel to 20000, The Mysterious Island, which I'm not sure I want to finish because according to something I read Nemo dies... I like Nemo.. Why does every character I like die or end up being seriously evil?

Yet, despite having such literary treasures in my possession, last week all I did was work on a cross stitch of a kitten hanging from a tree, and watch my season one DVD of Supernatural, the perfect Spring Break.

Um okay, I was bored out of my mind half the time but still I didn't read much.. This week I'm probably not coming to classes on Tuesday and Thursday so the time I normally spend reading I won't be here for.

And I still haven't finished Treasure Island, so I've got that to read tonight during commercial breaks from my Monday night show Digging for the Truth.. Yes, I am pathetic, I read way too many old books, listen to far too much Emerson Drive music, and watch enough TV to make normal people fearful of my sanity. It's a wonderful existence.

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