Monday, March 05, 2007

The Three Musketeers

Normally, I don't advocate leaving off reading a book and watching the movie instead. This is one that I will agree the movie(s) is/ are better than the book (there have been sooo many). Like so much of Dumas' work this is very dry in keeping with the style of the time.
It's actually part of a series, you remember the Leonardo DiCaprio movie
The Man in the Iron Mask right? That's part of one of the other books. I must admit I'm still not clear on the order or the spacing of the books, I just remember the fact that I was shocked there was another one.
I also remember my French teacher yelling at me for asking her to translate something from the book. She didn't get that I was actually reading The Three Musketeers for amusement not to kiss up. I didn't need to kiss up. I could have passed French with my eyes closed. It was an easy class. For God's sake the woman gave you the answers to the tests if you called her over to help translate something during one. Anyway, she wasn't real helpful. Don't get me wrong she's a great teacher after all we had one kid ace the Regents and I got a 94, not too shabby considering I never did any homework. Hmm, maybe that's what set it off. I was willing to read one of the most difficult books ever written but not write a single essay for class. Oh well.
Book's not easy, but if you suffer from severe insomnia it'll put anyone to sleep.

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