Monday, September 24, 2007

loving the library's webpage

I've just been on the local library system's webpage, first to renew books (and I don't have my card with me so it's a very good thing I've memorized my number) and second I've had a couple lists of books to find and get on interlibrary loan for months, some J.A. Jance for Mom and a Vivian Vande Velde (Dragon's Bait) as well as Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising for me. So those will be up on here when I finish them ( could be a couple months before I even get them). But both look really good so hopefully I'll get to enjoy them soon.

On the not so whooohoo hand... I can't find my library card again. Not good. I dropped my wallet at Price Chopper.. Is it possible that's where it is? Or am I going to be lucky and it's just sitting on my bedside table? Or my bedroom floor? (in which case it'll never be seen again) Oh the agony the uncertainty... At least I know my number which means I don't really need the card.

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