Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising

I've finished all but the very last book (I'm waiting 'til I have plenty of time to enjoy it). This is a series of five books.

Over Sea, Under Stone

The Dark is Rising


The Grey King

Silver on the Tree

I bought myself a box set (I felt, as I often do, that I ddeserved to be pampered.) Mom is currently reading the Grey King, or at least she has the book.
These books are about a young boy (The Dark is Rising) who on his eleventh birthday discovers, he isn't quite human. He is the last born of the Old Ones a race of immortals whose job it is to save the Light from Dark.
While the series starts with Over Sea Under Stone, I started with The Dark is Rising, OSUS involves a group of regular kids searching for the grail (yes exactly the one you're thinking, Arthur/Round Table), the only character from thet book that is in The Dark is Rising is the old dude. He's pretty cool actually.
And no mom I'm not posting this from CITA 110. I swear I wouldn't do that.
All in all very good books. Well written and simple to understand. Probably the best books I've read since Sabatini's
BTW, later I'll do individual posts on each of the books, for now this will have to be good, Greenlees is heading my way gotta open Access.

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