Thursday, December 13, 2007


Have I mentioned recently how much my mother ROCKS?

The past few years, because of how difficult it is for her to get to places that sell the types of things that I want for Christmas, she has let me order online or told me to go get something of X$ at some store we're in.

This year she told us, X$ max on gifts then we'll give you cash for gas money or whatever. So once again I know what's going to be under the tree, unless I can annoy her into Christmas coming a tad early.

"Early" as in "when ever the package gets here from Amazon".

What's in Becky's Box O' Wonders, you may ask.

Well, the wonders of picking your Christmas gifts is that you get exactly what you want in my case, a first edition copy of a Sabatini book ($10, second hand {I can't wait to get my hands on it}), the rest of the Djinn series by P. B. Kerr makes up the rest of my Christmas package. I love knowing what I'm getting.

The best part of Christmas for me is shopping and getting to torture people by getting evil gifts.... I'm a horrible person..

I love my mommy and well I suppose my daddy too he helped earn the money but mommy let me spend it.

People here know what they're getting from me as well. A box set of movies we've been wanting on DVD for a while, and just in case mom forgets what it is... We do after all want her to be surprised.

Eventually, I'll finish the baked goods I'm giving to family members.

Alan is getting a SUNY Coby hat if I can find one. Liz is getting $20 for gas to go to the rodeo in January. Mom don't know. Dad... Socks maybe?

Aunts/Uncles etc. fore mentioned baked goods.

The only person I have no idea what to get for is Scott my older brother... He's impossible to shop for. And he doesn't like cookies. (un-American I tell ya not likin' cookies.) Maybe scones? Or um drat I can't give him a cow sculpture because he showed a cow.... Drat... Any ideas? Please?

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