Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Children of the Lamp: Akhenaten Adventure P. B. Kerr

While this book was meant for someone much younger than I am, grades 5-8, I found a copy at Wal-Mart about two months ago. It didn't have a price so I didn't buy it. But boy did I want it....

To my surprise last week at the campus bookstore, I found a copy, needless to say I bought it.

Yeah I'm a smidge odd, but I must admit some of the best literature is intended for younger audiences. (I still love animated movies).

I'm also addicted to stuff about Middle Eastern cultures. Especially Egypt, which I fell in love with in 4th grade when we studied mummies (major reason why I'm an archaeology major).
The better part of this book is set in Egypt, with portions set in London and in the US.

It's about two seemingly normal
twelve year olds, who suddenly get their wisdom teeth (ouch, I'm nineteen and I think it's painful as all get out) and their parents freak out and so do their pet dogs (interesting story about the dogs by the way... not gonna tell you hahaha read the book), their parents plan to send them away to a camp for the summer if they behave about getting their teeth pulled, since their jaws are too small for them.

While they're under, their uncle whom they've never met appears to them in a dream. He tells them to have their parents send them to him in London, when they argue and say it'll never happen, he tells them they won't put up a fight.

Turns out the children's mother is Djinn. And the passing on of being Djinn is basically if your mom is you are if your dad is but your mom's not your SOL. And their mother is. And Djinn are well you know Aladdin and the little critter in the lamp (apparently putting one in a lamp is an insult and they dislike the term genie, I'm not sure I spelled that right but oh well).

Really good story. I recommend it and I'm sure the others in the series

Blue Djinn of Babylon

Cobra King of Kathmandu

and The Day of the Djinn Warriors

are just as good. And hopefully over the next few months I'll get to find out, I've just got to do some scratching around for cash and beg the folks some... Christmas in coming you know... (winkwink)


threecollie said...

Great book! I loved it too! Quirky and funny and fun to read.

Breezey375 said...

Hmmm. I loved it. Their uncle was cool.