Tuesday, December 04, 2007


1. What’s the winter tool you can’t do without?
2. The winter tool you could do without (i.e., find unnecessary or silly)?
3. Your favorite music to listen to when stuck in the house in a snowstorm?
4. The winter sound you least like to hear?
5. Your driveway shoveling pattern: vertical (up and down)? horizontal (pushing from side to side)? Or any which way?"

1) um, books of all sorts and hot cocoa.... I don't drink coffee..

2) winter boots... i wear sneakers and rubber boots all year

3) E-Drive, Carolina Rain any and all songs about summer... Phil Vassar's Six Pack of Summer works real well
from mom's blog

4) "Winter Weather Advisory" AKA more snow on the way..

5) Dad does it with a tractor or the other thinger there, i have nothing to do with it, but I think i'm going to be shoveling out bunny tomorrow, but as soon as i get home tonight i have to button snowy and the chickens up so they don't freeze...

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