Friday, March 28, 2008

I love cobleskill..

The town not the college. In said sleepy little hicktown, there is a used book store. In said store, works a nice older man (he didn't charge me the marked price on the books I got), this man sells Sabatibi's work, I got The Lion Skin, the first Sabatini to join the firey depths of the barbecue list. I also got Scaramouche, to which there is a link in the sidebar. I could have gotten a cheaper one than I did but I got the one that matches the 1st edition The Fortunes of Captain Blood my parents gave me for Christmas. I also got a new book about New York Ghosts. And three books of fairy tales all for less than 4o bucks.

other new book news: I love my older brother he sent me money for my b-day.. part of it became my very own copy of Sabatini's the Sea Hawk(finally!!!). also preordered a new Christine Feehan, the 3rd in the Inheritance series Brsinger and Dark Whispers Bruce Coville. My brother rocks.

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