Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Mercedes Lackey/James Mallory

Normally I would pre-order this. The second book in the Enduring Flame series comes out in September (which hadn't been announced a few weeks ago when I ordered books with the money my older brother gave me for my b-day, otherwise I would have pre-ordered it). So I'm currently broke and can't get it. The wonders of spending almost $500 on a laptop.
The first book was really good. Far better than the Obsidian Trilogy, which was also in it's way amazing, just a tad hard to follow.
Any way I really want to pre-order this. I wonder if Amazon will let me finance it.....


Jennifer said...

*gasps* That's only a few months away! Yay!
I'm curious - where did you find out about it being released?

Breezey375 said...

Truthfully? I search Amazon every few weeks for new Lackeys and it just got put up. I'm really excited, yet at the same time I'm broke so I'll be waiting till my next refund check from the college to read it.

Jennifer said...

I try to do the same with my local library actually - if I get in and place a hold before many others do I can get the book almost as soon as it comes out in the stores.

Congrats on your nerd test score btw, very impressive =)