Thursday, April 10, 2008

Darren Shan

I'm one of those odd people who can tell you the exact circumstances in which I fell in love with many things.
From Emerson Drive music (8th grade, Math homework and being exhausted made it so I Should Be Sleepin'.) to multiple other things.
I can't tell you the day or anything like that, but I found a copy of Shan's Cirque Du Freak. The first book of the series, at our local library. Over the years since then (I was still in high school) I've loved and hated his books. I loved them until he killed off Crepsley, then loved them again because although he did kill off the main character, he didn't kill off the vampire that was a little wild.
Today I find out that the next book in his most recent series the Demonata has been in American libraries long enough to be on inner library loan... needless to say I've put in a request.... I love this series. I'm creepy and love demon books, and movies (why do you think I like Constantine so much?).

bee is happy today...

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