Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy week and is only wednesday

I'm exhausted. I've been calling local pharmacies to get a prescription for my sister's sick kitty filled. Finally found one that had 16 of the 21 pills we need. So we're gonna get those then pick up the rest at a later date. He is doing much better though.
He is eating today which he was kind of mopey about for a while there.
So his meds are working.
Other than that I have to find wood to build a fire with so I can get hot water for a shower... Oh to be clean. Wash condition and BRUSH (oh to be able to get a brush through my tangled locks) my hair....
Also I have to drag hose so that I can fill my horse's watering trough.
Then I have to clean the chicken waterer. Oh joy! That's fun. Oh and then I have to clean out the bunny feeder 'cause the rabbit has issues with the whole "I eat out of this dish concept".
Hopefully my semester schedule is at the post office. I think I'll walk down and see.
Back in a few with an update.

PS classes start the 25th!!!!! YES!!!!!

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