Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Books of Fell- M. E. Kerr

This is one of those three-in-one books. Really handy actually it read like one long book.
Decent story line.

Teenage boy is in love with older rich girl. Rich girl lives in a house called Adieu. Rich girl's dad doesn't like him. She stands him up for prom and he ends up backing into their neighbor's car.

Neighbor invites him home to exchange insurance information (extra point for the kid, he drives an old Dodge).

Over the next few months boy gets to know older guy and older guy makes him a deal he can't possibly refuse.

He'll send him to a prep school, Gardner. He will be paid ten thousand dollars at the end of year one and another ten thousand at the end of year two.

Catch One: he'll be attending as Woodrow Thomas Pingtree, Junior (dude's kid) not John Fell.

Catch Two: there's a not so secret society on campus the Sevens. If he can get in, he gets another $10,000

Catch Three: He MUST NOT allow himself to be photographed Mrs. Pingtree must know nothing about it.

Catch four: He'll be spending an extra year in high school. Ping is a sophomore going on junior, Fell is almost a senior.

He agrees twenty thousand just for going to a fancy prep school? No problem.

Once he gets there things go to Hell in the proverbial hand basket.

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