Thursday, September 18, 2008

Psycho english prof, serial killers, supernatural and the I hate my bitchy sister club

Today has been a wonderful day. First my English professor (yes the same one who kicked me out) decided it was okay to bitch me out for reading Dante's Inferno. Now had I been reading during class fine I would have understood. But we went to the library today to research our papers. Class was over, and as I spend most of my time in the cozy chairs in the library anyway I decided not to leave so when Cudmore said it was okay to leave I just got my book out and started reading. So of course she comes over and asks me what I'm reading.
"Dante's Inferno." I reply.
"Oh okay. I'm not sure what that has to do with your project though."
"Well, class ends at 45 after right?"
"It's 52 after and I just pulled this out. I spent all of class researching I've already got like three pages worth of stuff."
"What are you planning to write about?"
"I thought I'd do the psychology of serial killers." (I'm rather interested in HH Holmes, the first big time serial killer in the US)
"That's a rather broad topic don't you think?"
I could go on but it was a rather long converation about what an idiot I apparently am but you get the picture.
At one point I said I have a lot of friends who are interested in serial killers as well as a fair amount of access to books about them so this paper shouldn't be a problem to write and of course she says "I thought you were going to say you have alot of friends who are serial killers!" Well, now I know why she torments me so. She's afraid she's going to be my next victim. But at most I'm a cereal killer. I love Lucky Charms...
On to Supernatural. Dean, Sam and the gang are back for season four tonight. YES!!!
On to the Bitchy sister club.
This afternoon I got this rather rude and mean message from my sister, about my pet pony Jack. Who really doesn't like anyone but me and as such is a pisser to everyone else and an angel for me.
So when Liz said she'd had problems with him I assumed she went to fill watering troughs or something and he's kicked at her naughty but not as bad as some of the crap her evil monster (all 14 or so large hand s of him) pulls. But no apparently (this pulled out of her many messages later) he and Evil Monster got out and Monster was "easy to catch" well duh Dipstick, he's your horse. While my Jack was a problem and ran around and was naughty and charged her knocked her down and maybe broke her rib. While I'm very sorry about this, I'm on campus I can't help her or anything else. I also think it must be added her horse has been in mine's pen for a couple of days because he got out of his own. Also that my horse has stayed in his run since this spring when I fixed it after he got out.
I hate my sister. Although I must say yesterday and the day before I rather liked her. I can't wait til I go away to school.
My family will probably sell Jack. It'll hurt but at least I won't have to deal with that bitch ever again because I swear I'm never coming back.

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