Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ghaa! Snow!

It's not even November yet and Upstate NY snow has already tried to kill me!
Thank God my baby brother is a great driver and managed to get the car off the right side of the road without flipping it and killing us!

On the other hand, no post last night because of a brownout that lasted until about 11. I know, I woke up and reset my alarm clock 43 minutes after it came back on.
No post last night because of the lack of internet and the very sleept Bee factor. At least all my pets made it through the cold (must cover chicken coop, has been so warm they would have roasted until now).

I'll do my second post of the day around 8 tonight.

Until then this site is great (think my little pony)


Holly said...

Ugh @ snow. That's disgusting. I'm glad it slowly becoming summer here, I'm definitely a warm weather type of person!

LOL at Ponystars! That's so cute! I think I want one! Only not...because I'd never have time to play with it and then I'd feel all sad when it died. Like my Neopets. :P

Breezey375 said...

Holly- they don't die! They can't! I know! I almost killed my first one. They just go down on health!

Can come spend the New Zealand summer with you? Pretty please?
No? Okay take pics and post them for my frozen self.