Monday, December 29, 2008

Challenges that Breathless mind found that found that I think I'll do as well

RYOB challenge Read your own books. Those books you have around that you haven't read yet but mean to. in 2009 I think I'll try to get through, like Jen at Breathless Mind I'll try for ten leaving the last 4 blank so that I can check my shelves and floor for more..
1) Scaramouche- Rafael Sabatini
2) The Crystal Cave- Mary Stewart
3) Picture of Dorian Grey- Wilde (Yes Jen I know I commented that it's boring but if you can I'll try)
4) Treasure Island- Robert Louis Stevenson
5) Robinson Crusoe- no idea
6) ....

Casual Classics.
Between Jan 1 and Dec 31, supposed to be four but... I want more!!!!
1) finish The Inferno
2) Purgatorio
3) Paradisio- AKA 1-3= Dante's Divine Comedy
4) Canterbury Tales- Chaucer
5) From the Earth to the Moon- Jules Verne
6) The Mysterious Island- Jules Verne
7) Trust me I'll think of more...

Also two more challenges (and I think this is all of them)
Christian Books and Review all books read between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of next year. I'm not going to do that but only because so many of the books I read are romances but I'll try to get it...

Christian books is between Jan 1st and April 30th.
1) Christians and Jews (Yes that's the title)
2) I've got a couple others and I'll check the libraries
3) retry Inferno!
4) Heavenly Discourse- all these Gods not just mine got from grandparent's bookstore last year for Christmas looked really funny
Probably got a couple others
Four should be enough don't you think?


Jennifer said...

Lol, maybe we can do a deal - read half of Dorian Grey each. :-D

I don't think I've read any on your lists. Canterbury Tales is a good one, I reckon that'd be good to know. Actually that goes for most of your picks! I think Robinson Crusoe is by Daniel Defoe but not sure...

Like your Music Monday btw. :)

Breezey375 said...

Hmmm. Which half you want? ;) I"ve read the first two chapters and the last three...

Most of the books on my list are ones that I thought "smart people"had on their shelves. And there for I should too.

I love that song.