Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Traditions (stolen from Breathless, just 'cause thought it was a cool idea)

With just a few weeks to go many people are shopping like crazy, wrapping gift like mad, and planning Holiday travels.

I'm not. I'm not shopping 'cause I'm broke. My family is getting baked goods this year.

My grandparents (I only have one set left sadly) and my Uncle Matt and Aunt Lisa and their kids, Tawny and Kegs will get their baked goods at the annual Christmas Bird Count. Kegs is about the only person getting a real "gift" from me. He loves this author I have a bunch of so I'm giving him one of my favorites by her. I'm going to have to find it and read it just once more before I do though!

My brother Alan (the really tall blond guy in the Elvis pics), my mom, my uncle and maybe Tawny will drive around for hours in the assigned territory and count every single bird they see. Normally this is a week or so before the big holiday, this year I think it's the 27th. Kegs and I will stay at grandma's. Well Keg will probably go out once then stick around to annoy me the rest of the time. Me? I'll be reading (shock) and probably begging Grandma and Grandpa to let me run their Kingston Trio records through their record player over and over again. Especially since I think they have "Everglades" on one of them!

Anyhow, we'll do the bird count and I'll maybe send some baked goods to my Great Aunt Sandy, and Uncle Rich, both of whom I absolutely adore, they have the coolest dog... No I don't love them because of the dog.

Then in January we'll get together Uncle Matt, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Karen ( Uncle Mike knows the BEST pizza place in the WORLD!!! ps I love pizza. Is in top 5 fav foods lol) and assorted cousins and cousins husbands/boyfriends and kiddies and hopefully Jamison (think I spelled that wrong she's cousin's adorable chocolate lab love her!!!) and then we'll exchange gifts.. Fun!!

Those of us who don't like to discuss politics and/or "just what are you doing after college" will spend time communing with Uncle Mike's amazing entertainment system in his really rocking, very comfy finished basement thingy. I'll probably be reading while Alan and Kegs kill each other over and over again or race each other over and over again. Tawny will either hang out with the "adolts" or read with me. Or we'll torment the guys!

It will end far too soon then it'll be another year before we see most of them. Don't ask why. It's a very long story....

As for my immediate family. Christmas is a fairly simple holiday. Liz will probably make some spectacular feast. I'll gain 35 lbs I can't afford. Mom and Dad will give us each a few things we really want (I'm hoping for a combo Xmas/B-day gift in the form of the Complete Series of The 4400, which despite having been canceled is still my favorite show and I only have Seasons 1&2...) I know what Alan got me for Christmas already. Kabluey a Jeffrey Dean Morgan movie (Al let me pick). I almost had him get me "Brisinger" but Wal*Mart didn't have any copies at the time so I'll try library loan for it! Liz will hopefully make me chocolate chip cookies. I can make them but they're never as yummy as hers, and of course she won't share her secret!

As for myself, the night before I'll watch Tim Allen's The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2. I don't have the third one 'cause David Krumholtz isn't in it.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, baked goods make good presents! My sister does that sometimes - coconut ice usually.

Yeah, the day always goes too fast. =(

Breezey375 said...

I hope my family will be grateful for baked goods! I'm just making scones and cookies and possibly a couple loaves of lemon bread.

All good fun things end too quickely..

Holly said...

Yay for baked presents! I'm excited right now because after MUCH searching, I have managed to get hold of a gingerbread house kit. YAY! Does that count as baking...? :P

Breezey375 said...

Uhhh seeing as how the only "gingerbread houses" I've ever made were graham crackers stuck to milk cartons.... Sure!!!
They're all over the place here. Wal*Mart has them I think. Good luck with it.