Saturday, June 20, 2009

okay enough Anti-Christian sh- stuff already.

I have, many times, posted against anti-Atheist stuff. I think I'm entitled to post on this.

And FYI this time, leave something I find insulting or degrading to my religion in the comments and I will delete it. I'm kind of sick of feeling like I have to defend my religion. I have never asked someone to defend their religion, or lack there of, perhaps to explain it so I can understand better but never to defend. All I ask is that others have the same respect.

Why is that so hard to ask?

2008 survey:

Total Christians: 76.0 percent

Catholic: 25.1 percent

Other Christian: 50. 9 percent (ME)

Other religions: 3.9 percent

Nones: 15.0 percent

Don’t know/refused: 5.2 percent

And before you bring up the falling number of Christians allow me to point out. I have friends who claim to be Atheist and yet attend church every week because they enjoy the sermons. Which I find hypocritical. They attend church then blast me for believing (I do not attend church, no car).... Yeah classy.

Also through out High School and College, religious people have been black listed. It has become insane! I've had people tell me the cross I wear (heirloom, given to me by my grandmother {actually from a rosary that apparently fell apart}), was pointless, as "He doesn't exist, you're an idiot", and yes I still talk to the girl who said that although I made it clear I found that statement incredibly offensive. Most of my friends (nearly all of my college friends are Atheist, with one Christian {different sort} and one Islamic girl thrown in) and I agree to disagree on our religious stances. My one friend has a very strange religion. She believes in ancient Greco-Roman Gods with some modern Wiccan thrown in. Actually she's fascinating to talk to. She is also one of the few who accepts that I am incredibly religious for someone with my very casual religious upbringing. I don't remember more than a dozen trips to church in my life.

I could go on but I figure I've angered enough of my readers and my wrist (my mom thinks I may have carpel tunnel syndrome in both arms) is really starting to hurt. (and yes symptoms fit nearly perfectly).


threecollie said...

You go girl! You have a right to your opinions just as much as anybody else does. That is what makes this country great. Love you.

Anonymous said...

As much as I get a kick out of the likes of the sign shown on this entry , I wouldn't put anything like up there were it might upset someone I know .

Breezey375 said...

mom- thanks. i love you too.

underthepaw- I love how some people think they're always right.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't hide the fact I am an Atheist but I don't wear it on my sleeve either . From what I can gather reactionary lobby group tend to the extremes on both sides of the fence .

Breezey375 said...

Yeah you'd think eventually they'd just leave it alone.