Friday, November 13, 2009

Laughs in Potsdam

Today (Friday the 13th) and all Fridays in general are free days in my schedule. So I walk to the public library and things like that.
Today I woke up a little after nine and watched the Charmed morning rerun. Called my mother at ten for about three minutes. I have three more to get me through til 4 am tomorrow.
Well anyway. I went to the campus bookstore to purchase things I needed.
My Id card died so I went and spent 2$ I didn't want to spend to get a new one. I hope this one works a little better.
I then walked to the local library and got a few books out. I have a lot of papers to write so I need to not have a lot of good books distracting me from working.
Those books included a Tamora Pierce I've read a million times but so far don't own a copy of, In the Realms of the Gods, book 4 in The Immortals series.
I then walked to the Post Office, which I don't need to do I can buy stamps and such on campus but I like walking around Potsdam.
So I go in and buy and incredibly expensive stamp. 44 cents is a lot people. Although I could probably paid in pennies if I'd wanted to annoy the nice lady working the window.
As I left I help the door for an older man who stopped to fix his shoes. He was having a very difficult time bending to reach the laces so I offered to help. You have to understand I love older people. I see them as a sort of national treasure.
He just said "No I've got it."
And then he stood up and put the hat that had fallen off his head back on and I went to hand the door to him and walk away and he says...
"Oh my God I'm so sorry miss! I called you sir I thought you were a young man. I'm so very sorry."
I just laughed and smiled at him and told him it was fine. I didn't even notice his calling me sir. I was just afraid he was going to fall and hurt himself! He kept tipping over you see.
He then as he was walking in, said to me that I was such a nice young gentleman. At which point I laughed out loud. It for some reason made my day.
He was so embarrassed thinking that I was a man. I was tickled.
Oh and another funny.
When I went to buy things at the book store the woman running the register mistook me for a trainee for next semester or something. And asked me if I had a twin sister on campus. Another good laugh. We also had a good laugh over the fact that my card probably died in protest of the whole dropping out thing. Which I have gotten lots of support on, even from some of the people in my classes.

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