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Okay all this is a guest post by my friend Kristin Ker it's a fanfic


Nira’s family decades ago started an organization called AT (Annihilate the Threat). However, Nira’s father experimented on her mother with some virus before she was born unfortunately she died, so her older brother had to raise her. The downfall of her

being born is that she got the virus her mother was injected with. Before her father could find out he passed away giving the chief position to his only son. When she was five a mark showed up on her body it looked like a black and blue on her shoulder blade; however, as she got older it grew and took the form of a demented spider web. She is nineteen now and it covers half her back.

Her brother had dispatched agents to a rural area to deal with the infected, but they have not been heard from for twenty four hours, so he decided to unleash the executioner Nira to deal with them. Her brother informed her that she might find information on the virus she contracted. She took a plane to the isolated island then a car to the town. Her weapons consisted of a bow/arrows, a gun and some close combat moves. After she got out the car the driver drove in reverse all the way back. She walked cautiously and stayed alert when she heard voices she took to higher ground to see what was going on. She looked over the rigid to see two villagers pacing as if they were guarding something or someone. She loaded two arrows aimed and fired in midair the two arrows split hitting the one closer and then the one behind him right in the forehead.

She jumped down and walked right by them as if they weren’t there. A few miles ahead she came to a small house she could hear more voices yelling, gunshots and a chainsaw she climbed up on the roof to see a handsome man fighting off the infected she loaded two arrows again took aim and fired taking down the two that were coming up behind him she jumped down to assist him she pulled her gun she took down the easy ones and the ones that got too close had there heads knocked off there shoulders. The stranger dealt with the chainsaw guy then rejoined her with a look of surprise on his face.

"I’m Nira and you are?" She asked as she holstered her gun.

"Leon Kennedy. What the hell are you doing here?" He wondered as he reloaded his gun.

"I’m from an organization called AT. I was sent here to look for two of our agents who disappeared and I have some personal business. What about you?" Nira quickly changed the subject.

"I’m here to rescue the president’s daughter." Leon’s curiosity was peaked about what kind of business she had but he didn’t ask.

"Oh so that’s why there is another living signature on here." She looked down at her radar.

"Wait you know where she is?" Leon looked at the radar to see a blinking spot.

"Let’s go." She took her gadget from him and walked on. Leon followed.

Nira and Leon stood atop a small shack she pointed to the rundown church at the top of the hill. The infected didn’t noticed them until Leon jumped down and ran toward the church shooting when they came too close. Nira fulfilled her promise and hoped that they would meet again. She helped him by taking a few out before she disappeared. She came to a long pathway and at the end she could see a huge castle where she hoped her search would end, but what she didn’t expect was having to go one on one with an enormous infected horse. Its skin was no longer a part of its body it was all bones and rotted muscle that hung on parts of its bone structure. Its eyes have begun to recede into its eye sockets making the creature almost blind.

She froze and back away to a safe distance pulled an arrow from her pack knocked it and slowly began to pull the string back she aimed and hit the rider before it noticed her even though the animal was infected it was still a horse when it heard the whistle of the arrow it shied and now the only thing left was the horse. When she looked at the creature she couldn’t see a weak spot yet so she quietly circled it. The creature stood still until it heard her begin to knock an arrow then it charged. She quickly dodged and when she got to her feet she saw that its weak point was a parasite at the base of its neck.

She tried to hit it from the ground but it was useless all she did was piss the damn thing off, so her only choice was to get on its back. She looked all around but she couldn’t find anything that would be of use to her except a tree. She loaded two arrows and shot them into the trunk making steps. The horse charged, but she made it up before she was trampled. She caught her breath as she rested on the tree limb the horse began to circle. She grabbed her gun and when the moment was right she jumped.

She steadied herself as the horse took off at full speed. She dodged the attacks of the parasite and braced herself when the horse slammed its body against built walls, stone and even ran through a hut or two. When the horse was out of things to smash she stabilized took aim and fired. Fluid gushed as it withered away. Nira let out a sigh of relief; however, the horse’s bone structure was no longer stable and collapsed. She fell, but she never hit the ground when she opened her eyes Leon was holding her.

"Nice catch." She smiled.

"We are even." Leon commented as he let her down.

"Not even close." She smirked.

She placed a kiss on his lips as a thank you. Leon looked at her in astonishment. She looked behind him, but found no one so she asked him where Ashley was. He informed her that she was taken again. She agreed to help him she looked at her radar to see that she was in the deepest part of the castle. The duo had a hell of a time with the hordes of the infected coming at them when it was over they hid in a storage room to catch their breath. She became shocked when she saw crates with the AT insignia on them, but she ignored it when Leon placed his hand on her shoulder and told her that they should get going. They ran out shooting at the stragglers that they passed soon they were in the castle they shut the door behind them and saw that they were in a huge room. They ventured further in; suddenly, Nira was hit by something with enough force it slammed her against the wall. She got up shook it off and looked for the culprit.

"Are you okay?" Leon asked as he looked for the culprit as well.

"Fine." She looking up to the rafters to see something moving in the shadows, but she couldn’t make it out. She stood back to back with Leon and gun ready.

Then she suggested that he continue on without her at first he argued, but eventually he gave in when she used the Ashley card on him. He took off through the side door, so now Nira was left to deal with the creature. She began to provoke it at first it didn’t work, but out of nowhere it lunged. When it stepped into the dim light she noticed that it was the two men from AT that she was sent here to find. A man stepped out from behind it she didn’t recognize him until he stood at a better angle then she saw it was her brother.

"Well you found them?" Her brother smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Nira asked as she reloaded her gun.

"Business." He answered.

"What kind?" Nira asked knowing what the answer would be.

"Infected." He replied.

An image of the weapon crates flashed into her head. She pointed her gun at her brother.

"So you’re a part of this." Nira yelled angrily.

"No Umbrella did it our organization is a cover up we actually aren’t suppose to exist."

He answered as he light a cigarette.

"What?! So there was really no crisis?" Something in Nira’s body snapped which triggered the virus in her body to activate.

"It was our father’s idea." He acted as if he didn’t care.

"That son of a bitch is still alive?" She mumbled.

"In a way he is and isn’t." He retorted.

She fired the gun, but the creature stepped in the way; however, it didn’t stop the bullet just slowed it down and went right through the other side hitting her brother in the jugular. The creature came at her, but it was her turn to play cat and mouse, so when the creature was distracted she went up into the rafters since the creature only had one eye making its eyesight shit. She quietly knocked an arrow and when she was ready she whistled causing the creature to look up and reveal its heart that now beat in its throat. She released and the arrow struck it fluid went everywhere. However, the battle was not over though the creature was one being it was still two separate bodies at one time so of course there is going to be two separate kill points. The only thing she managed to do was slow it down and piss it off. Her advantage point was no longer useful so she jumped down and stayed as quiet as possible since the thing was blind she slowly began to circle it trying to locate its weak point.

She got around to the back to see that the thing has its spine visible and on the inside was the parasite, so she had no choice but to take higher ground so she went up into the rafters and waited for the right moment with her knife drawn. She jumped down piercing through the vertebrae and into the parasite. The creature flared wildly for a moment then toppled over dead. She wiped her hands took her gun loaded one bullet into the chamber and walked over to her brother who was slowly bleeding to death.

"You always told me that you wanted to play Russian roulette." She said as she pointed the gun at his heart.

She pulled the trigger once nothing, second time nothing and third time BANG! Right into his heart. She replaced the clip and whispered "third times a charm." She looked at the radar to see that the two life signatures were far from the castle, so she took that as her cue to leave. It took a couple hours, but she got off the island seconds before it blew…

…Now its her turn to do the hunting. She returned to the false organization and went to the lab where the experiment was done on her mother. She pulled a lab assistance aside and pounded on him until he gave her the answers she wanted.

The beaten man told her that her father booked a flight to their other base in England. So she booked herself a flight, but first she had to get some things so she stopped by her apartment to grab her laptop, mp3player and a few of her favorite books. Then went to the airport and boarded her plane in minutes the plane was in the air. She mostly played on her laptop until it needed to be charged then she went to her book and mp3player she was almost to the halfway mark when he plane landed. She gathered up her things and exited. An ex-member of AT waited to pick her up she never knew his real name, but his codename was Archer. He allowed her to stay with him while she conducted her business.

"So you finally figured it out?" He asked.

"Yeah my brother told me before I killed him. Now my so called dad has to pay." She retorted angrily.

Archer informed her that the base was up north in the coldest part of the England region. Two days passed… she decided it was time to go check out this so called base at least the exterior. Archer drove there and also came to assist her if she needed it. They stopped at the top of the cliff a few miles away. She got out of the car and looked through the scope to see that it was lightly guarded since no one came up here, but what really got to her was when she saw Leon walking out the door. She began to grow concerned for him hoping that he father didn’t infect him with the generation virus.

"What is it?" Archer asked.

"Nothing I just saw someone I thought I recognized." She put the scope away and walked to the car. Archer followed.

On the ride back they didn’t say a word to each other until he pulled the car into the driveway. He locked the doors refusing to let her out until she gave him some answers. She sighed finally giving in and told him everything that she saw he gave her a weak smile and unlocked the door she got out and walked into the house. She went to her room and into the bathroom to take a shower and clear her head. She didn’t know how long she was in there but when she came out she unwrapped her towel and turned her back to the mirror to see that her mark had gotten bigger since the incident on the island. Archer saw that the door was slightly ajar, so he decided to softly knock and when she didn’t answer he started to push the door open to find that she was in her robe. He handed her a hot cup of tea and they sat on the edge of the bed.

"So where do we go from here?" Archer wondered as he sipped the tea slowly.

"If I can contact Leon maybe he’ll help." She answered twirling the teabag.

Nira took a few sips and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed. When she turned he saw the end of the black mark on her neck. He pulled the collar down to see more of the mark.

"You’re curious right?" Nira rose.

She turned around untied her robe and let it fall to just above her tailbone. Nira could see the look of shock on his face in the mirror. He got up walked over and started to trace the lines with his fingers.

"What is this?" He wondered it looked at if is was a tattoo.

"Its called the generation virus I don’t know what it does but its what my mother was injected with before I was born." He looked into the mirror to see the looked of sadness on her face as she spoke.

Archer pressed his lips at the base of her neck and wrapped his arm around her waist holding up the robe. She wanted to step forward out of his reach but she decided to just let him continue until he was satisfied. He wanted to press on, but he stopped put her robe on her shoulders and grabbed the two cups and left. Her breathing was heavy as if she had been holding it the whole time. She grabbed her pajamas that rested on the pillow and got dressed.

She grabbed her book and mp3player from her bag and laid on the bed listening to her music and reading the book that she was halfway through when the plane landed. She didn’t even remember falling asleep but when she woke up her book and mp3player rested on the nightstand and next to her rested Archer.

She didn’t know what she was going to do with him she liked him but she was more interested in someone else; however, if he told him that it was Leon she had a feeling that he wouldn’t allow him near her, so she decided to let him think what he wanted. He rolled over and smiled as if they were lovers and she returned his smile she threw the blanket off and started to get up, but when she felt him grab her wrist she looked back to see that he had that "let’s lay here look’ so she laid back down.

"Why so "friendly’ all of a sudden?" She looked at the ceiling.

"I don’t know I just feel drawn to you." He smiled.

He started to kiss her shoulder then his hand began to wander under robe. She allowed it, but if he got carried away she would put a stop to it. When he was satisfied he got up out of bed and walked out of the room. Nira only allowed it because she had a feeling that he was the type to take what he wanted by any means so she decided that it was best if she didn’t fight it was only a waste of her energy. As she got up she could smell food cooking she fixed her robe and walked to see that he had the table all set so she sat down and began to sip her tea.

After eating she helped him with the dishes then went back to her room to change. Her laptop sat opened on her bed it began to beep she went over to check her message when she opened it, it was a video feed from a man with sunglasses.

"How did you trace this?" Nira snapped.

"So you are the infamous executioner." The man said.

"Who’s asking?" Nira wondered.

"Albert Wesker. And you have to meet with Leon. I will give you what you need." He sent her the files she needed then ended the feed.

She called Archer into her room and asked him if he knew any place that was deserted he thought for a moment then remembered the dilapidated church that sat on the hill. Then Archer returned to his work and let Nira continue with hers. She pulled out her old communicator she turned on the frequency nothing happened then she heard Leon’s voice coming through.

"Who is this?" Leon asked.

"Its only been a few months Leon have you forgotten me already?" Nira laughed slightly.

"Nira when I didn’t hear from you after the island blew I took you for dead." Leon said.

"I’m glad you have so much trust in my ability. Anyway back to the matter at hand. Meet me at the old church on the hill at midnight." Nira ended the transmission when he agreed to her request.

With that done she decided to take a nap before they met. She set her alarm and fell asleep with her music playing. Archer wasn’t thrilled about her meeting with Leon, but if it got her answers he would keep his complaints to himself… Midnight… She opened her eyes two minutes before the alarm was set to go off she got up plugged in her mp3player. She decided she didn’t need to change she went grab the car keys, but Archer snatched them up before she could get to them he insisted that he accompany her.

She didn’t deny his request. They arrived at there destination they looked it up and down the stained glasses windows were broken, the door was hanging by a hinge, chunks of the stone had fallen off, and the roof was about to collapse anytime. The moon gave off enough light to see, so they didn’t bring flashlights.

They walked in to see that the inner part wasn’t much better. They looked around the sounds of footsteps were coming from behind them when so they stood at the walls near the doorway with guns drawn when the person passed through the doorway Nira and Archer had their guns in Leon’s face and Leon had his gun in Nira’s face.

"You really can’t do that to people especially if you know their armed." Nira smiled.

"I trusted that you knew it was me and you wouldn’t pull the trigger." A small smile appeared on his lips.

"Ditto okay now its time for business." She said as she put her gun away.

They sat down and told each other everything that they knew. Nira was disappointed when Leon said that he had no idea where they lab was since all the business he conducted with her father was done on the top floor of the base. He didn’t even have a clue as to how to get down to the lab. Archer began playing with the old relics trying to keep his mind distracted. He kicked the confessional booth making it fall apart with a loud crash. Nira turned her head and shot him a glare that sent chills up his spine. After a few minutes another loud crash came Nira turned her head again, but Archer was sitting down not touching anything. They looked up to see the infected raining down on them, Leon and Nira jumped up just before they hit the ground.

"How the hell did they find us?" Nira yelled.

"We were either being tracked or someone is leaking information." Leon said.

She took out her gun the trio stood back to back in a tight circle to keep the infected from falling in between them. They killed the ones that came at them, and even got a few before they hit the ground. Soon they ran out of bullets since they each only brought one clip so they only thing that they had left was their knives. They finally managed to get them all, but it still wasn’t over a helicopter flew over head they couldn’t exactly see who it was, but someone or something jumped down and landed in the broken pews smashing them to pieces with all the smoke they couldn’t make out who or what it was. Suddenly, a long tentacle like thing shot at them from the smoke it struck Leon in the shoulder causing him to yell out in pain.

When the smoke cleared Nira was shocked to find what was in it. There stood her brother, but it wasn’t her the brother that she killed on the island. His body was covered in a mark just like hers, his eyes were a crimson, but what really got under her skin was what she saw behind him it wasn’t a snake but it moved like one it was his spine. It was still attached to his body but it was also his weapon. Nira knew exactly what happened her father must of gotten him off the island before it exploded then injected him with the gen-virus. She now had a general idea of what the virus did. It regenerated damaged cells making the person able to heal quickly and also gives the person unique abilities, but they must be different for every person. Nira looked over to Archer and told him to get Leon out and go back to the house. Archer didn’t argue he helped Leon up and outside then put him in the car. Archer noticed that her bow was still in the car, so he grabbed it and ran back inside to give it to her then took off.

"Its good to see you again sister." He growled.

"The feeling isn’t mutual." She snapped.

Nira had to work fast to use the night to her advantage before it was over. She searched her pockets and found a small smoke capsule hidden in the hilt of her knife. She threw it and when he was blinded she hid in the shadows. Her brother searched throwing his spine around hoping he would hit her. Somehow she could see it coming at her she ducked just in time. She stared at him and realized she could see him as perfectly as if it was daytime which was new to her. She quickly knocked one of her special iron arrows hoping to pin his spine against the wall. She carefully took her time aiming and when it stopped she fired. She had a feeling that he was going to move, so she knocked another arrow waited for his tail to move and fired in that direction hitting it and pinning it against the wall. When she knew he was pinned securely she walked out of her safe area and stood a few feet away from her brother.

She knocked one of the normal arrows fired hitting him in the heart, another in the head, the next went into his stomach, and the last one went into the center of his neck. Her brother’s face had no emotion as he collapsed she went over and severed his pinned spine and to be sure she smashed his skull with a heavy stone. She let out a long sigh of relief making pain shoot through her whole body when the adrenaline stopped coursing through her. She looked at her side and saw a huge gash with blood dripping down her side. She couldn’t even tell when it happened, but the only thing that came to mind is when her brother struck at them.

A few drops of her blood fell into his blood her brother began to fade away. She walked out to see Archer waiting for her. She slowly got in the car, so that she didn’t lose anymore blood then she already had. Archer helped her into the house and to her room where Leon was resting.

"I’m alright Archer. Are you okay?" Nira asked as he laid her down.

"Yes, I’ m fine." He answered.

"I want to sleep?" She said.

Archer nodded and left her to rebuild her energy. Leon turned his head to see that her breathing was rapid. His shoulder was in a sling, but it wasn’t broken it just needed to heal for about a week. He got up and went into the bathroom and found an ace bandage he walked over to her and helped he sit up she removed her shirt and he helped her wrap it around, then laid her back down. He went over to the other side and laid down next to her she slowly rolled over and placed her hand on his chest and fell right to sleep.

Archer watched them from the doorway for awhile then went to his room opened his laptop to see a message that read: "Why haven’t you acted yet?" He thought for a moment knowing that his false love for Nira might actually be turning into real love. His mind began to race on whether he should continue with the plan, so he replied: "The creature you sent threw off my plan, so I will have to try again." It was a lie, but it would buy him some time. He closed it laid down and eventually drifted off to sleep. Nira woke up, but she wasn’t in pain she removed the bandage to find no wound whatsoever. Leon was still asleep so she got out of bed as quietly as she could and walked to the shower.

She decided it was time to get her own base of operations which she would talk to Archer about after he got up. The warm water ran down her body washing away the dust, dirt and blood from last night. Leon opened his eyes and noticed that he was alone he got up and realized that his arm didn’t hurt him much, so he took it out of the sling and moved it up, down, side to side. It hurt a little but compared to last night it was much better. He walked into the bathroom oblivious to Nira who was still in the shower. She had turned off the water after he entered she pulled the curtain aside as she began to wrap herself in her towel. Leon turned to her and she froze the towel hung loosely in front of her he looked her up and down. She shook out of her embarrassed state and finished wrapping the towel around her.

Leon walked over when she turned her back and began tracing the mark then he felt his skin touch hers a warm feeling shot through her body.

"What’s this?" Leon asked curiously.

"My inheritance from my mother. If you don’t mind I would like to get dressed." Nira


Leon didn’t say anything he turned her to face him and kissed her she didn’t fight she actually enjoyed it his lips were warm and gentle. She threw her arms around his waist her towel came loose but it didn’t hit the ground their bodies kept it up. He released her giving her time to breath. Nira’s head began to spin she lost her footing and caught herself. Leon laughed Nira smiled a little embarrassed. They were about to leave off were they started but they were interrupted by the beeping on her laptop. She threw on her robe and ran over to see that it was a message from Wesker. She opened it, it read: "Now the hard part begins. You have to somehow get into the base. One more thing Archer isn’t who you think he is. He is working for your father, so try to get rid of him as soon as possible." The screen when black.

She was a little shocked. She didn’t know if she could even believe it was true she wanted to confront him, but he might do something rash. Leon laid on the bed she crawled next to him and rested her head on his chest. They discussed a plan to assault the base tomorrow. Archer listened through the doorway then went to his room and relayed the information to Nira’s father, but what he didn’t know was that he was given false info.

When morning arrived they told Archer of their plan he willingly agreed, so they packed what they needed and drove to the cliff again. Archer looked through the scope to see if there were any entry points when he spotted one he turned to see a gun in his face.

"What’s about?" Archer wondered.

"You are working for my father." Nira said angrily.

"That’s nonsense." He pleaded.

"If there’s anything you should know about me Archer it’s that I hate being used." She glared at him.

He was still pleading but it fell on deaf ears. She had a twisted smile on her face as she pulled the trigger blasting a hole on his face. Nira kicked him off the cliff to send her father a message then got in the car and the two drove off. They returned to the apartment and searched Archer’s room to find that he had been in contact with her father.

"Now you won’t feel so bad." Leon commented.

"Believe me if I had any regret I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger." Nira said as she picked up his laptop and smashed it.

Then she suggested that they find a new place. Her laptop began to beep she went over to see a message from Wesker which read: There is a new location for you." They gathered all there things and left. They followed the directions and found themselves at a two story hotel. They went in and were given a key to their room. The duo went upstairs got settled into their room and started to plan. When they finally agreed on one they made the necessary preparations after about a week they headed out.

They couldn’t park on the cliff anymore since it was now guarded since the incident with Archer, so they parked about a mile or so away and went around to the back there was two guards posted they paced back and forth and when they turned the corner they slipped underneath the fence and into the base. A man sat at a desk doing paperwork which she didn’t buy she walked over to him and ran her hand through him to find that he was nothing more than a hologram. She sat in the empty chair and began searching through the papers and lifting things and finally the big wall began to open. They pulled their weapons cocked them and went in. The halls were empty as if everyone abandoned the place or have been eaten.

They walked by the first room but found nothing and then nothing in the second or third room. They stopped when they came to a three way hall they each chose one direction, but they agreed to stay in contact. Leon went right Nira went straight. Leon searched every room to find nothing he finally came to the last room, but when he opened it he found nothing; however, something didn’t seem right the room was circular with an opened space in the center. All the doors opened and the infected began to file out Leon shot them in the legs to make them fall over the edge. The ones that got too close he kicked and also used a few grenades finally after about an hour or so they finally stopped coming. He opened the door he entered from and left when he shut the door behind him he rested against the wall the catch his breath and check his ammo. Which wasn’t too low as long as he didn’t have to fight that many infected again. He back tracked and went in the direction that Nira went.

Nira didn’t find much in her direction she was about to head back, but a barred door slammed down blocking her way, so she had no choice but to keep going. She walked through the door which brought her into the lab her father turned around in his chair.

"My dear daughter." Her father smiled.

"Don’t even call me that you lost that right long ago." Nira yelled.

The mark on her back began to pulse she could feel it growing it started to snake down her arm.

"Ahhh…so that’s what it does. You are the only one who has actually survived the gen-virus." Her father said.

"Great for me. NOW DIE!" She grinned.

She pulled her gun and pointed it at her father’s head she was about to pull the trigger, but hesitated when her father began to change. His neck elongated making it look like a snake (or an really ugly giraffe.) His body didn’t do any but stand there so she shot him in the heart, but that didn’t stop him. He detached from his body and slipped into the shadows she tried to find him with her new sight but he was such a small target it didn’t work. She looked down to see that the mark almost covered her whole body she had to finish off the little prick soon. She stayed in one place so she could listen for him it was a little difficult with all the machines running but at the last minute she was able to pinpoint him she fired but of course the bastard dodged and disappeared again.

"I’m not playing cat and mouse with anymore you son of a bitch." Nira said.

The mark covered the rest of her body. Her heart beat faster her skin began to burn her eyes changed to red then she went limb. The creature that use to be her father stared at her from his hiding spot so when he saw what was happening he took the opportunity to attack he slithered closer oblivious to the fact that she was moving again she knocked an arrow, but she looked as if she was on another plain she waited till the creature was in range aimed and fired hitting it in the center of the forehead and pinned it to the control panel. It thrashed around and hit the self destruct.

When Nira cam back to reality she heard the countdown and started to run towards the door. It opened and Leon stood on the other side.

"We have to go." Nira commented.

Leon grabbed her hand and they ran all the way back to the entrance and out. They made it back to the car but stopped when they heard the explosion. They got in and drove away before the noise attracted any attention. When they got back to the hotel she covered her head and they went up to their room Nira collapsed on the bed Leon hovered over her.

Nira knew what he was thinking about the way she looked, but he said nothing. He leaned in and kissed her his hand explored her side before pulling her shirt off to see that the mark spread out more, but right now his mind was elsewhere. Nira removed his shirt the strip continued until they laid naked under the sheets having their long expected night of passion. Soft moans escaped her lips as he went in and out hands explored every inch of each of their bodies. The intimate night seemed like an eternal pleasure to them, but it was interrupted by the damn beeping on her laptop she wasn’t going to open it but Wesker opened it himself.

"You might want to hear this." He sighed.

Nira got up and wrapped a blanket around her body and walked over to the computer. Wesker told her that they weren’t able to get enough data from the fire to create a cure. However, she didn’t seem upset or even bothered by it, but that wasn’t the end of it Wesker also said that the virus had broken out in the states so they had to return. Nira called downstairs and asked the clerk to book them a flight back to the states. The two of them got in the shower then decided to get some sleep before they returned to hell itself.

The phone rang it was the clerk he told them that their tickets for the noon flight to America was waiting downstairs they got up grabbed their bags and went down to grab their tickets. A cab waited outside to take them to the airport. They made it with two minutes to spare. They boarded now nothing was left to do, but sit and relax for the long trip home.


copyright2009-Kristin Ker

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