Friday, July 29, 2011

Buffalo Gal Bill Wallace

This is one of my long time favorite books. As one of the first YA books I read it has a very special place in my heart. Also it is one of the few Bill Wallace books that makes me cry in a good way not an OMG I hate this author for killing off this animal way. For instance I hated Beauty and A Dog Called Kitty, which I read in Mr Murray's 5th grade English class. About the only book I did like from his class was Danger on Panther Peak, also written by Bill Wallace. We read A LOT of his books that year! And I can still remember getting extra points for having two introductions in my presentation for Danger on Panther Peak, which made up for the fact that I forgot to put in the setting! Yeah I remember home work from that long ago.. (over 10 years ago!)

Any way back to Buffalo Gal. It's about a girl whose mother decides to take her to save one of the remaining buffalo herds in Texas. Once there Amanda, the main character meets an Indian boy, David Talltree and sets off on a journey that ends up being one of the best books I've ever read.

From learning to camp out and women wearing Levi jeans for the first times in their lives, and the grass toothbrush Charlie the Mexican cook shows Amanda how to make...

This is without a doubt my favorite Bill Wallace. So much so in fact that a decade after I first read it (stole my sister's copy) I bought myself a hard cover so that I would no longer need to beg my sister to borrow hers... Yes the one who only buys the best books in hard cover... Bought this one. And a right lucky find that was! Spent a total of 4.64 on it! and 3.99 of that was shipping!

For anyone who likes historical YA books, or just great YA books this should be on your reading lists! I love it! And it's out of print which is just devastatingly sad to me.


threecollie said...

I liked it too.

Breezey375 said...

It's one of those that's hard not to like isn't it.