Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unearthly Cynthia Hand

I let my mom read this book before I did because I was reading a few others first and really not in the mood for a young adult books that I was a tad... skeptical... about. She finished it before bed the night I got it out of the library. Then proceeded to tell me the next morning that I HAD to read it, it was just that good

So I sat down to force my way into a book I wasn't in the mood for. Took all of about 10 pages before I was hooked.

Clara is a wonderful character you can't help but like. Her younger brother is just irritating enough to be a realistic younger brother without the feeling of just stereotypical cliched book brother-itis. The same is true for all the characters. You just can't help but feel like they could have been your friends/enemies in high school.

As for the quarter angel basis for the story? It works. I've read books about teenage angels, which ranged from terrific to mediocre. (I haven't read more than 10 because it's not that popular of a entity to write about, there was a series about a half angel boy and his dog and then one about a group of girls who died and became angels that I could only ever find one of despite the fact that I desperately wanted more. I unfortunately since I now know my way around Amazon, no longer remember the titles of the books in question, I was around 15 when I read them.) This one is one of the best I've ever read.

Clara begins to have visions of a boy in a burning forest. Her mother (a half angel) tells her that this must be her purpose. So they move. From California to Wyoming. Sending her brother into the depths of teenage angst, which doesn't last long once he gets there.

Thus ensues the typical new girl issues of any YA book, done in such an enjoyable way. It's not new but it's done well enough that you enjoy it.

One of my favorite subplots was the cowboy Tucker as an "enemy". Very well done. I loved the subtle ways they got to each other..

Parts had me literally laughing out loud, which is good in a book that very easily could have come off as a little too serious.

The only thing that really could have been an issue for me was that I was sad when it ended. Not that it had a bad ending just that, well, it had to END at some point. Luckily it's got a sequel... That comes out next Tuesday.... That a certain person *me* pre-ordered.

I'm greatly looking forward to Hallowed.

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