Monday, January 09, 2012

A Little Late but...

I am as ever sorry about how long it has been since I last posted. It has been a difficult thing writing a post. What with working two jobs, two months or so of a shared computer with my mother, no big deal I love having something to hold over her head for hugs (bwahahahaha), negotiating the possibility of a puppy in my future (been waiting since I was around 9 for the okay on that one) and the lack of heat from November until just recently, I have not felt like posting much. I hope to be able to remedy that post haste!

This year I have set out to track the books I read. And yes I have set number goals. 600 books read through once. Rereads of previously read books acceptable, otherwise I would have great difficulty completing the goal as I need to read around 2 books most days to make it. And a goal of 1100 books total, rereads from this year acceptable. I tend to read books 4-5 times so this should not be a problem.

As far as how I'm coming I'm focusing on goal one for now. It's the ninth of January and I have already finished 17 books. I need to read one more today to be on track. I have no doubt that I will fall behind again and play catch up this weekend when I am off from work. This experiment should prove interesting I find that I really don't have too much trouble remembering to write down what books I finished over night. And of course I do LOVE to read!

As far as what books I've read recently that I am looking forward to doing posts on I must say Cynthia Hand's debut Unearthly was an instant hit for both my mother and myself. I am greatly looking forward to book 2 Hallowed, to be released the 17th of this month. I am pre-ordering it. I look forward to devouring it as quickly as I did the first.

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