Saturday, October 01, 2011

Thirteenth Child Patricia C Wrede

This book was not only great it was EPIC.

The story of a girl names Eff, in an alternate US, circa the late 1860's or so. After their version of the Civil War. A world of magic and really cool mythic animals.

Her father is the seventh son of his father. Her twin brother, Lan, is a double seventh son. One of the most powerful magical occurrences possible. The only problem? To get a seventh son... Their parents had 14 children. Eff is the unlucky 13th. So much unlucky that at the age of 5 her uncle tries to have her arrested for "cursing" his family and house. This causes her father and mother to make the decision to move out west so her father can help fun a college right on the Great Barrier (the spell that keeps the wild animals beyond it from over running the country.)

The story follows Eff, and her family and friends through years of their lives. And many wonderful adventures.

This is one of the few young adult books starring a female that I think both teenage boys and girls would enjoy, I can't say for sure I haven't gotten my male sibling to read it yet. But I do believe he would enjoy it! Eff is strong but insecure enough about herself to make her a very sympathtic caracter and there is enough magic and such to keep everyone interested. Also it is one of the few YA books that focuses on a girl that doesn't also focus on her falling in love. At least now with anything except the far west.


Also it's sequel, which I will do a post on later. I fully intend to look for further books, I

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Linda said...

I'm going to have to put this on my book list too...and read more of your blog..........I think I can find some good reviews on here;))