Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Big Year

Normally I don't review movies, but this one was EPIC!

It had a limited release locally in theaters, so despite the fact that my mother desperately wanted to see it we didn't. I'm not a birder so I would have gone strictly to be going to a movie not in anticipation of enjoying it as I'm not a big fan of Owen Wilson, Steve Martin or Jack Black. I've never liked a single Jack Black movie before, where Wilson and Martin are hit or miss (mostly miss).

Right from the beginning it was entertaining and it makes birding look so interesting. In reality I am not a fan of birding at all, I'm terrible at identification and I never spot them. My mother and brother however they are avid bird watchers. Every year they do the Christmas Bird Count in the neighboring county. The movie was an entertaining look at three birders, the "professional" former big year winner (Wilson), the retiree (Martin) and the goofball screw-off (Black), all in competition to be the years record holder for most bird species seen on the North American continent. The excitement of that one rare bird sighting were palpable.

It wasn't particularly goof-ball humor funny, which is perhaps why I enjoyed it since really I hate goof-ball. It had goofy moments "You bought me drinks and got what you wanted!" that scene... Hilarious, and yet at the same time that scene was important enough to still have a serious over tone. There weren't any super silly funny scenes. It focused on funny little one line zingers, which I adore.

It came out on dvd this week, so mom had me pick it up for her when the brother took me shopping this morning. They put it in to watch as soon as I got the box open and I sat down to watch it only because I like to watch movies, I was riveted to my seat through nearly all of it. The few lagging scenes that I left for were simply because I'm easily bored or frustrated with slow parts. My mom and brother (The Birders) were stuck fast through the entire thing.

I would recommend it for literally everyone. Except maybe small children it might be a little dry for them. I fully intend to watch the extended version as soon as mom gets done watching it on her computer.

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