Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Brotherband 2: Invaders, John Flanagan

For which I am waiting... Impatiently...  At 7:19:57 PM on April 30th it shipped "Departure Scan"... 16 hours ago and still no tracking update.
There's also two other books in that shipment, Nora Robert's The Last Boyfriend and Charlaine Harris' Deadlocked the 12th Sookie/Southern Vampire book... I'd like to get to read one of them before I have to go to work tomorrow. I mean if they're here tomorrow I can take tomorrow night off, because I worked Sunday for an extra milking off so I could get an extra milking in case they didn't arrive in time for the day I took off from my second actual paying job, which yeah obviously they won't be.
Just one question what is the point in a pre-order if I could get the book quicker if I walked to a bookstore to buy it?

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