Sunday, May 05, 2013


How did I let a year go by with no book posts?

Oh let me count the ways!!!

First there's Ranger Gilan of Northview....
Tiny Puppy Gilly= adorable

Aaaaww still adorable
Alas he's turned into... well just exactly the kind of dog someone with my personality would have. He's spoiled and loud... And I'm fairly sure if he was human he'd be a serial killer or something... I do adore the little bugger though... He's very much larger than those pictures now!!!!

Second... Well I do work two jobs. And frequently am tired and out of sorts at night and get up as late as possible in the morning!!!

Third... Actually I shouldn't blame this but it's awesome so I'll mention it.. I'm now on the library board of trustees for my beloved local library! Oh my I'm learning so MUCH!!!!!

Fourth.... I discovered Netflix! AWESOME!!!! I used to do scheduled posts on Sunday... Now it's Doctor Who (who knew I was a late blooming Whovian?) Numb3rs (loved it when it aired David Krumholtz {Charlie Eppes} was my first celebrity crush [Bernard in the Santa Clause]) or various other shows...

And mostly just because I'm super duper lazy....

Maybe I'll get back into it who knows!!!

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