Monday, June 22, 2015

The Summer Reading Program

Our local library's Summer Reading Program starts next Monday. Signup started today.

My sister's slightly over one year old girl signed up. She's only just old enough, but she already has her first library card. Now she has a massive stack of library books out on Aunt Becky's card (Aunt Becky's on the board she has longer before they need to be renewed). Berenstain Bears, Who Took Farmer's Hat, and some chapter books that will no doubt take weeks to finish but Aunt Becky loves them so she's going to share them. So many, many more.

All that are read to her have to be recorded on her cute little green card stock paper at the library all summer. Perhaps she'll win an age appropriate prize.

And perhaps in her the next generation of readers in my family will be born and, at least in part, nurtured by her Aunt Becky.

I encourage all of you who are of an age for participation and in an area with a Summer Reading Program to sign up, get involved, get your children involved. Encourage the love of books.

Also be prepared for Children's Book Reviews this summer. Based on how much our "Pogo Stick" likes them....

That might be what Aunt Becky calls her. Her name is actually Peggy-Ann.


A. Montgomery said...

Great Beckey. Keep her reading. It is so important.
Love, Gram.

Breezey375 said...

I was walking past Liz and Jade's room the other day with laundry to hang up. Peggy was playing near the door. She saw me stood up and goes BABA!!!! (Which is what she calls me) Liz has this cute little basket with her books in it, Peg RUNS over to it, grabs two books and comes to the baby gate to try to hand them to me. She wanted me to read to her. Liz just kinda looked at me a little grumpy.... Apparently Peg doesn't like Liz reading to her. Only me.
Love you too

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